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Pandion is the second son of Demades of Clan Frana., and his wife Vaanes. He has one older brother named Elias, and one younger sister named Juniper. Pandion grew up as a fisherman. His father and four other men, three Jotnar, and a human; paid for the boat and used it as their income.

From a young age, Pandion grew up fishing, going with his father on fishing expeditions, as his mother and siblings remained at home. Due to his size, and talent with the trident, Pandion was often used as protection for the ship, as well as a deckhand.

When Pandion was sixteen, he went on a fishing expedition with his father. They were moving some cargo to another island at then end of the trip, and dropping off several passengers. One of the passengers was a Marine of Sivan named Lucian Frienza. The human was unassuming at first. But, midway through the fishing expedition, the boat was accosted by a Kraken. The crew (including Pandion), led by Lucian, valiantly fought off the beast. Seeing the valiance and courage displayed by the Marine inspired Pandion. The young Jotnar began to worship Sivan, in the hope of eventually becoming a Marine himself.

Over the years he worked with his father on the boat again, earning a respectable wage. On one faithful expedition, the boat was fishing far out from shore, where the water is deep, and the fish are large. As the crew rested, and the fisherman fished away, tentacles rose up from the sea. A Kraken was attacking. The creature surfaced as it's arms began to vice upon the boat. The men sprang into action, attacking and defending the boat. The battle was long and hard, and it began to seem like the men were losing. During the fight, Pandion noticed scars that he recognized from years before. This was the same thing that had attacked the boat years before. As the creatures tentacles continued to constrict the hull of the ship, the wood began to buckle. Recognizing that the situation was dire, Pandion took his trident and threw it, aiming at the face of the fowl creature. The spear flew true, and struck the creature directly in the eye. The creature screamed, and in one last attack before it died, constricted and snapped the ship in half. The galley snapped, and immediate began to sink into the dark depths. As the foul beast sank, lifeless into the ocean, Pandion grabbed his father and leapt off the ship. Swimming to a large piece of wood, he set his father there, and swam back to the boat to look for survivors. As the ship sank, Pandion was able to save four other lives from the wreckage of the ship. Using his experience from the navy, he created a small raft and slowly, was able to get the survivors back to civilization.

During the two day trek back to Diamond Port, Pandion's father passed from the wounds that he had sustained from the battle on the ship. Before he died, he presented Pandion with his Trident, a glistening masterpiece that had been passed down from father to son for ten generations.

Upon his arrival, he informed his family of his fathers passing, and informed them of his intent, to journey to become a Marine of Sivan

Pandion is currently enrolled at the Tulan Naval Academy.