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FirstLevel Picture

Phillip sprang to life in a little village in a back woods place in th Realm of the Dark Sisters. His family were ditch diggers, and when the local lord decided to war with one of his neighbors, he called on Phillip’s father. Phillip’s father amazed everyone with his skill and speed in digging the trenches necessary for the siege to continue. After the war, the lord gave him the family name Trencher.

The lord was a decent sort, but his daughter turned to evil. She laid waste to her own lands, sacrificing and pillaging her own serfs and villagers. It got so bad, that Phillip’s father moved the entire family, running in the middle of the night. The loss of such a prominent resident finally alerted the lady’s ruler, and she was tried and convicted of treason before the court, and lost her life. The Dark Sisters took the Trencher’s and sold them into slavery as part of the “debt to be paid”.

Phillip is the youngest of 5 siblings, two brothers and two sisters. Phillip has not seen them since they were sold. Phillip was sold to a commander in the army in the city of Eldorad, one Genevieve Marshstalker. Genevieve was a leader of scouts. Although the Realm is an evil place, the commander was actually a good mistress. She taught Phillip much, and as he grew older he grew more skilled. Finally, at the age of 8 he began to demonstrate skill with the art of tracking. The commander became as a second mother to him, and when he overheard a plot by her political enemies to disgrace her, he went to her, and she took him with her and escaped.

They traveled across the free city line, and eventually joined the army of Eagle’s Hollow. Thus at the tender age of 10, Phillip began his training in the arts of the soldier in the scout profession. He progressed rapidly until his 15th birthday when the city was attacked by a great horde of giants. Phillip was placed in the scout company, and when an overwhelming number of giants managed to circle the city to attack from the rear, Phillip sent warning and led a group of children out of the ambush. He was captured, and under torture he convinced the giants a massive army had been sent for and would arrive at midnight. He then led them into the wilderness and managed to escape somehow saving a young girl they had taken. When they returned to Eagle’s Hollow, Phillip was barely alive, and the girl managed to get him to her father, a prominent wizard.

In gratitude Phillip received the Medal of Honor, and the wizard, one Gregory Nighthome, gave him special instruction and Phillip became an Eldritch Knight.

It is now two years later, and Phillip has been asked to escort Gregory to Sorcerer’s City. Upon arriving, Phillip learned that Gregory plans to spend a few years here in study. Gregory, believing that a man must make his own way, gifted Phillip with equipment and asked him to adventure to prove his worth to marry Gregory’s daughter, with whom Phillip was in love. And so Phillip joined the Adventurer’s Guild, made a sign, and looked for a party to join.