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Plix like most gnomes had many brothers and sisters, he was the 4th of 8 children. Being the fist male he was also the prince of the small gnome home community known as Tree Deep. Which is a small community of moderately wealthy gnomes that lived in the Grind Mountains s/w of Halmir in the kingdom of Elenia, who maintained a small gem mine.

Plix enjoyed life with his brothers and sisters and got along well with his mother Enly, but he was closest with his father Weol. From Weol he learned of the greatness of the gnome people ,and how the other races underestimated them . He also received his drive in life with his father pushing him to always strive to be better than others thought of you, and to lift his people up whenever possible.

Just before his 16 birthday ,Tree Deep was attacked by Stygian dwarf slavers who killed many and took the rest as slaves .The dwarfs split the slaves into 2 groups the older gnomes where to continue working the mines for the dwarfs ,and the younger ones would be taken to be sold to dwarven nobility as house slaves. During the trip from Tree Deep the dwarfs worked had to break the young gnomes spirits so the would make acceptable slaves, but for everything they did young Plix had a story or speech that would lift them back up. After much of this back and forth the dwarfs decided to make an example of Plix for the rest to observe what happened to those that defied them ,so they tied him to a tee stump and flogged him until his blood ran freely then they staked him in the sun outside the slave pen so the others could watch him die. Call it gnomish tenacity ,call it fate but Plix didn't die he held on and recovered ,though scared from his ordeal .He did however act like his spirit was broken at least for the dwarfs ,still at night he would tell stories of the greatness of the Gnomish people and he also began to work on an escape plan. So it was 8 months later that he saw his chance late at night under the cover of a storm he slew the guard on duty and the pen and lead the 25 young gnomes into the wilds and freedom.

The young gnomes looked to Plix as there leader ,and he did the beset he could . He took them and headed back towards Deep Tree. Which was a long trek as they had to work hard to avoid dwarven patrols, he showed the gnomes how to use their strengths to set ambushes and hide in small places. A month into this trek they where overrun by a superior number of dwarfs who had grown tired of losing to the little band of escaped slaves. Many of the gnomes were slain and Plix was on the verge of surrender when ,a motley band of elves, humans, and orcs came to their rescue. After the battle Plix introduced himself to the leader a young elf named Selan, he too had the scars of slavery. Selan explained that he was the leader of a small group of freedom fighters who fought the Stygian dwarfs and their Queen Edeva Filur. They patrolled the areas around the Takil Mountains taking from the dwarfs and giving to local communities. Plix and Selan became fast friends and the gnomes became part of Selan's camp.

Selan taught Plix many things showing him the way of the bow and sword ,how to appriciate animals and plants.Plix even found an old elven tome that made reference to the fact that gnomes great ancestors where Fey and at one time paid homage to the Fey Queen Rhiannon. This very much intrigued him and he constantly sought out more info in that area. His friendship with the band grew ,but he still missed his family and asked if constantly if any info had been found on them. the only info they found was that Tree Home was wrecked and the mine stripped ,no gnomes where found.

Many people passed through the camp as it was a beacon of hope against the dwarfs, so it was no surprise when a small carnival passed through and set up to entertain the Selan's band. There was much celebrating ,and many performances with jugglers and fire breathers and drinking to be had by all.Plix enjoyed himself completely it was on his way back from the privy when he noticed a carnival worker walking one of the bands children around the back of a tent. Plix followed and as he rounded the back of the tent he saw 2 men stuffing the struggling boy into a large sack by 2 horses. He rushed to the boys aid striking the first man as the other circled him and drew a dagger, Plix knew he was out numbered and began to call out for help.He lifted the bottom of the tent and shoved the boy under and as he turned to meet his attacker he grappled with the man with the dagger pulling the dagger from his hand he drove it into the mans chest killing him .Unseen by him the first man had gotten back to his feet and struck him from behind.

As he came too inside one of the local tents he found out that the carnival was really a cover for the Gypsy followers of Morrigan ,who would use the carnival as cover to steal children to add to their flock. Plix had killed one and they had sworn vengeance on him as they were driven from camp. The family who's child Plix had saved rewarded him with the gift of a fine bow.

A few years went by with nothing really eventful happening ,it was on his 17 birthday that he received a truly special gift. Riding into camp with Selan came his mother and father, who Selan had bought from local slavers he knew who they where from Plix constantly talking about them. Plix was overjoyed and though slaver had been rough on his parents it had not broken them. There was 3 days of celebrating ,during this time Selan told Weol of a small valley in the foothills of the Grind Mountains that he could start a new Deep Tree in. As the gnomes settled into the valley Weol made contact with an old friend Devra Mygrel, he wanted to send Plix to her to continue his education and help him truly become a Gnomish leader. She accepted his offer and with his fathers words of go grow strong and wise the return to Free Deep (the valleys name) he set out.

Plix stands 3'2 and weighs about 60 pds. He has blond hair that is almost white and pale skin covered in scars and for a little fellow his ice blue eyes can sometimes be unnerving .He hates slavery in all it's forms and will do just about anything to free slaves or do harm to their masters. He has the bow that was given to him as a gift and practices with it all the time, and unless told otherwise always has it with him. Any free time he has he likes to try to track down more information on the gnomes being part of the Fey and their Queen Rhiannon .He has seen alot but is still young and makes rash decision.

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