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Raylan Givens

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Raylan's mother, Helen, was a highborn human female, born in a large city in Aviron. Her family was rich, and powerful. The Givens family controlled the North Eaglemarch province. During the war, much of the province’s food supplies were wiped out, and the surplus stores were drained. The Givens turned to a local elf clan for assistance. The elves saw this as an opportunity to gain massive political power in the region. They offered their assistance on the condition that Helen would marry the eldest son of the elder.

Without seeing another option, the Givens family agreed. The marriage was arranged, and occurred on November 4th, 3737. The first month of the marriage was pleasant, but it quickly turned sour. Helen's spouse, Elros Ar-Feiniel, became abusive and angry much of the time. When Helen learned she was pregnant, she fled. Her good friend Thomas had found a small logging village near the sea called Peteonia. Peteonia was on the north coast of Aviron near Willow wood in the east portion of Aviron. It was abandoned during the war and its residents headed west.

Later that year Helen bore a son. She named him Raylan and began to work at the local tavern as a serving wench to make a living. Raylan grew up happy, raised by his mother and his adoptive uncle. Shortly after Raylan turned ten, men associated with Elros located Helen. To protect her child, she left, suddenly, without telling her son. To keep him safe, she left, asking Thomas to never reveal to him her fate.

In the aftermath, the Ar-Feiniel family became incredibly powerful, gaining political control over the region. While not cruel rulers, the family was nowhere near benevolent. The rules in the province were harsh, and the enforcers of the law relatively corrupt.

After Helen left the family, Elros became aware of the fact that Helen had borne a son. Elros sent a band of men to go retrieve his son. Thomas died protecting the secret and Raylan's identity.

Unaware of his father's identity Raylan continues on his journey for information on his mentor's killers.

  1. He never knew who his father
  2. His mother vanished when he was 10
  3. His mentor Thomas killed
  4. Has an evil brother elf by his father
  5. Unknown Uncle/Aunt
  6. Good Brother
  7. Father is evil elf hunting him/Corvani
  8. Long Bow given by mentor

From Kingsfort Thorpe

A once thriving war camp until the war ended, now it is all dried up and is run by an evil magistrate.

Legacy Info

His legacy item is a longbow that his mentor, Thomas, guided through making. It is a sturdy bow made out of top quality Yew.

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