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Rhaegar is a dwarf bard following Quitari

Created over 200 years ago, the dwarf Thrak Ironbane made the hand harp that would be named Heartsbane. Putting all his wealth into the ruby and gold to decorate his hand harp, living the rest of his days playing and singing through village after village, playing to anyone who wished to listen. A true bard would not part with their instrument, so he took up an apprentice, named Linak Undertow to teach the wonders of song, tall tales and bardic magic. On Thrak's deathbed he passed Heartsbane to Linak and told him, "Live while you can lad, and play a merry tune, drown out the screams and yells of war and battle. Inspire those around you, and when you can no longer do such, pass your knowledge to another dwarf, for no other can rouse up a storm of song like a dwarf." And he died, but Linak lived on with the knowledge passed to him, and continued the legacy by passing on Heartsbane and all the tricks of the trade with it. Until finally it was passed onto me, Rhaegar Fireheart, although he trained under his teacher, the war soon reached his village.

Until one day it engulfed the village and all its people with it, except for a few surviving members (including Rhaegar) they left the comfort of the mountainside and the underground. Lost among the rubble, carnage and death Heartsbane could not be found before Rhaegar had to escape, without the wonder that is Heartsbane but with the mystery that is his life. He has not found Heartsbane since, but can feel it within his heart and hear the world around it if he focuses on it. His quest to recover Heartsbane and live up to the expectations of all his predecessors is the only true goal he has right now, for without Heartsbane he is simply another bard among many, and another dwarf among so few.