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Rowena's picutre
Rowena ready to fight or entertain.
Rowena as a bard

I was the oldest daughter. I had two order brothers and three younger siblings. My parents raised us in the free cities area in which they had moved because they wanted a new start where no one know them. I was named after my mother who died when I was nine. I was raised to religiously believe and follow Quitari. After my mother die I was lake a lost child and very lonely for several years. There was an elderly Quitari woman who acted like a grandmother to the family. I began to look up to her as a guide and much like a mother. She taught me how to play instruments. My greatest fear is that my father would die as well. To mask my sadness for the two to three years after the death of my mother, I delved into my religion and strongly focused on my looks and trying to make myself as beautiful as possible and a work of art. It became habit.

My Dad would have women from the religion clean and help take care of us kids while worked. All of us kids resent these women because we felt that they were trying to take the place of our mother. My father ended up marrying one of the women. I hated my stepmother because she took the place of my mother. I became a rebellious teen. I always felt like a lonely girl and was searching for something. That led into my search for the great love of my life. This search is carried out in many ways. I don’t mind “sampling the waters.”

I moved to Tanis to learn more bardic ways at the Bard College. I focused on performances and beauty. I worked as a wench to keep up my training. I learned quickly and got good grades in my classes if I worked hard. I was very confident (possibly over confident). I was popular and had a group of school mate (my old troupe) that would perform shows here and there. One night, I was held at knife point and forced to perform for a bastard group of men. This made me realize that I was not as strong and I thought I was. I decided to start training to fight and learning protective spells

I am not one who holds grudges against anyone for long (except for my stepmother). Once an argument is over, I act as if it had never happen. That not saying that I may not change my ways a little to reflect what the argument may have been about, for example, if there is an argument about how I do something if the other person make a worthy point I may try to change my ways slightly.

I feel that: