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Lady Karin Valeria

Lady Karin's Picture

Karin stands about 5-11, a young female with Black Hair with a single silver lock. She has large brown eyes. She has a high brow and thin chin; this gives here a strong defiant (perhaps sultry) look. She is a fit woman with a firm body. Karin leans on a 6’ bone white staff. As she looks you over, she is not looking so much at your physical body, but at something deeper. You notice an earring that dangles from her left ear; it glitters and attracts your eye. It is a small book. Her neck is exposed and there you see a small silver holy symbol to the goddess Tylora. It is a circle of black iron with a silver crescent moon inlayed on it.

Karin wears a dark blue robe with 1 white sleeve and underneath that an explorer’s outfit of a fine quality. Karin has 2 mundane looking rings, a medallion, a beautiful spy glass in a case on her belt, and a light cross bow across her back.

As she speaks to introduce herself her voice is soft and assured. But you sense in her some of a hidden part of her personality already. There is something she is careful or maybe fearful of. Her moves are graceful like that of a powerful animal rather then a tiny dancer and she left no doubt that she has confidence in herself.

As you travel with her she will speak of magic quite a lot and you find she feels that those people with innate powers of magic (Bards/Sorcerers) are blessed and she admires them greatly. But you find out very quickly that she is very critical of those who would not have the discipline to develop the gift; or use it for ill. You also find that she feels that something called “Wild Magic” is, in her eyes very dangerous and is a misuse of the gifts of magic granted to the people of this world by Tylora. Those who dabble in it should be dissuaded from their course. Although the church has not come out and condemned wild magic, Karin has. This of course has forced her to keep some of her views to her self.

As you open up to her she has an endless variety of questions for you. She seems to have genuine curiosity about everything. Lucky for you there other members of the party she talks to. She reads a lot and writes as the environment permits so during camp time things are much quieter much to everyone’s relief. You do find out that she loves art. She loves to go to art galleries and shows. She also loves music. She will always insist on lodgings with entertainment.

Karin wants to adventure to gain knowledge through reading books and scrolls from all over the world. Her desire is to bring some great book or scroll back to her temple and there by earn some place of honor with her god. She admits she will most likely always keep looking for some greater bit of knowledge or magic. In doing so, if she acquires wealth and other things all the better. Karin has serious apprehensions about fighting monsters and all that danger, but feels if she can work with a good party perhaps they can avoid violence, at least some of the time.

Karin grew up in a town called Eastwood. Eastwood is a small town on Regnum Eon south of Dragon's Gate and east of Knight's Landing.

Growing up in the town of Eastwood, a large town to my young eyes, but small according to the adults I knew. I knew lots of the folks.Many of the families in our neighborhood would share chores and work together. I had many friends and all of the parents knew me. They always treated me nicer then most of the kids and I was never a trouble maker so it worked out okay. I loved to talk with the adults asking questions but they were busy and sent me out to play. My best friends Eric and Ru (Rumina), we talked about everything. We loved to explore and as we got older we explored many things, even outside of town.

I lived with my mom and dad until I left for the temple. My mom Darcy was in an accident when I was very young and sits quietly living life as a mute. Mom never speaks nor hears at all and seems content to watch the world go by. My dad (Andy) Lord Andrew of the House Valeria is a Horse Master and a minor noble in the realm. We own about 100 horses and 1200 Acres. We have an ancient tower on our property and 9 barns and 1 more about ½ done.

My dad and I take care of mom. My dad and I would always take mom out every Sabbath day to learn something new. Dad would tell stories and answer questions. We talked about everything good or bad, dad held nothing back. I learned to appreciate the world in its vast variety. After years of questions one day my dad says there was little more he could teach me and said it was time for me to go seek my own way in life. I was shocked, I can’t leave mom like this. He said that he would take care of her and after an hour or so of debate I ran out of reasons I needed to stay. Dad looked at me sadly, he new the pain I was feeling but he told me “one day, you will find your purpose and on that day your mom and I both will be proud of you”. This shocked me even further dad has never talked like that about mom. He has never presumed to think for her or talk for her. Something unusual, but I guess when you love someone you don’t have to presume, you know.

It was no surprise that Eric and Ru married each other. It was a nice local wedding just like all the others I was forced to endure, but this one was special. We had a great time. I was the maid of honor of course and Eric’s goof ball friend Ed was his best man. Ed is a little to much of a farm boy but he is nice, I guess? But even up to the wedding day I talked with Eric and Ru about what they thought what marriage was going to be like, and asked some pretty personal questions, but we were all open about things and as it turned out we were not as smart as we thought. Some things are better learned by experience and not by the stories and fictional experiences of other kids.

After a few weeks, things changed for me. My 2 best friends were now more then friends and shared something with each other I could not share with them. This hurt me deeply and although it was not their fault it was one more thing. My dad says it is my time to find myself and now I am feeling like I don’t belong, with my 2 best friends. Maybe it was time for me to experience the world first hand. So I sent off a letter of application to the temple of knowledge and they said I would have to appear in person. After some lengthy waiting periods they finally asked me what I wanted to do. I began to talk and talk, well this dismayed the clerics of the god of knowledge no end. They politely told me they thought I might find my path with one of the other churches in town.

One day while enjoying the afternoon meal a bard did something magical. I was shocked and asked him about it. We talked for about ½ hour and he could see I was intrigued and asked me up to his room. Before I knew it I was loosing my virginity. I did not mind. I was learning something new, and learning it first hand. What a great time I had. I think I talked a little too much Zane told me on more then one occasion to just enjoy the experience. I did. Afterward we talked for hours. He bought me a drink and dinner and then said he had to go. As he left I found my self pondering more the conversation then the love experience. I was even more curious about magic now then ever before. I did not know how extensive its uses could be. Zane opened up more then one door for me that day. After some searching I learned of the Scyee temple and went their looking to start my adult life. Well what ever they saw in me they liked. They were not as stuffy as the other temple. They seemed more into getting the job done rather then how to do the job. They were open and friendly with me and I was with them. I earned a place among the acolytes very quickly; I can thank my dad for that.

After I graduated and was entering the priesthood I took a few days to go visit the folks in Eastwood. It was good to go home. Dad & mom seemed the same. Dad had lots of questions for me and mom’s eyes seemed brighter but that I think was just me. We spoke on many things. Later that evening I had dinner with Ru and Eric, they knew instantly of my experience with Zane and asked all about it. It seemed that the barrier between us was gone. I was happy, so happy. But I had to go back to finish my training. They were shocked of the stories of magic and the world out there. Then again they shocked me. Ru was pregnant and I was going to be the god Mother/aunt. I was thrilled and told Ru I will be back here for the delivery.

Well training was harder then I thought. But I learned to cast spells, what a rush. I learned the basics and got in trouble many times experimenting with variations of spells. Well after one mishap and a small explosion, I decided maybe that experience should not come first when it comes to magic. After some healing I found occasionally I would have a small pain in my leg on occasion. This caused me a slight limp. It never came on with any regularity and the clerics were unable to figure it out. But they gave me a Mahogany staff and said it would make me look more mysterious and aid me when I needed it.

Well I made it back just before the Delivery of Ru’s Baby and I was able to cast my first useful spell and helped Ru rest. Both Ru and the baby Vidar were fine. I did not like the name for my nephew but it was their son. A week later I was very blessed when the parents asked me to give the blessing to their baby and name him. I almost refused as my leg was very much in pain that day. But I did and everything I came to do and left the next morning with many promises to not be a stranger.

My High Priestess Lady Jiceen had some interesting news and an offer I could not refuse. My life has changed for ever.

I now live is Zief Village with my family.