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Slathrack learned early on in his life that silence was best. Moments after he hatched, the loud cries of his clutch-mates brought the attention of a great snake. As the nest-mound was ripped into by the great beast, Slathrack was covered by debris, and somehow managed to remain silent. He watched as his clutchmates, who continued to cry out were eaten by the monster. The beast ate anything that announced its location, and then left. Slathrack stayed hidden in the nest debris and lived. Slathrack continued to use silence and stealth to catch whatever wandered into his home area. He ate small birds, lizards, animals and the occasional child. By age six, he had enough skill to catch a human hunter. The years passed, and Slathrack grew into adulthood among the trees in the great forest, hunting and eating whatever his snares caught. Shortly before his sixteenth year, an old woman wandered into one of his traps. She was old, feeble, and easy to catch. As Slathrack began to tear into her, she began calmly speaking. She spoke of legends and myths and mysteries. Normally the food Slathrack ate screamed for a while, and then fell silent and dead. This one was different. She spoke to him even as he ripped her apart. Long after the others died, this one continued to speak about her mysteries and legends. Slathrack tore her heart from her chest and ate it. Her warm blood splattered on her, yet she still spoke. Slathrack knew this was quite un-natural, but continued eating. As he finished his meal, she lacked the parts to speak, and only then did she stop speaking. Her words stayed with Slathrack. The following day, hoping to find answers to this oddity, Slathrack signed up at the Adventurer's Guild and joined up with an adventuring group.