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Special K

First Level Picture

Special K is from Silverwater.

I am easy going, laid back, more of a follower than a leader.

My family owned an alchemical shop in Waterdeep. I worked in the shop and also trained as a wizard.

Adventuring Log

I adventured with rangers and a druid first few levels

I relied on animals frequently to help the party (summoning, familiars, bag of tricks). got ring speak with animals and focused skill on handle animal. the animals were the eyes and ears of the party.

Semi-retired and took over running of alchemical shop (stopped playing that campaign)

In another campaign a group of elves under the guidance of the goddess Sehani Moonbow (cleric, rogue, barbarian, ranger, bard) were on a long mission to retrieve a human boy spell-fire that the Drow had captured and were exploiting his powers special k was recruited as his abilities were needed in the underdark (darkvision, rope trick, summoning, etc)

adventured the underdark for over 1 year of play time in an epic battle whole party was killed by Drow and Special K teleported away and then we played another campaign

- familiar named Boots. all black with white feet. flies and sneaks around and would deliver touch spells

- immune to poison due to familiar so he will drink anything, and there was lots of funky liquid in underdark

Likes & Dislikes

- he hates adventuring underground (for obvious reason). a few years in the underdark will make you nuts

- hates drow, duegar and underground creatures

- super frustrated by spell resistance, took 2 feats to overcome Drow SR. if something has SR, that is what he will focus on in battle

- obsessed about his spell books (have tons of protections, special paper, binding, waterproofing, etc, etc, etc.) typically only reads his spell books in a rope trick or leomund's hut. i don't think anyone in his party actually ever saw his spell books.

- I am slow to trust but I can and will trust.


- typically summons animals to fight in battle or nuke spells

- likes animals. his familiar, animals he summons or the animals in the bag of tricks. the last dm made each type of creature in the bag and for the summoning spells have the same soul so it remembers what happened last time. let me know if you want to continue that.

- makes acid, alchemist fire, sun-rods, tangle-foot bags and other related items when time permits. traded with races in the underdark.

- had a zillion of special underdark items but they got destroyed in sunlight.


- Thrown into a new world with new friends. I will try to trust these new folks.

- After 3 weeks with this group and almost a dozen battles I have learned to trust my new party. They have shown their metal and I find them very capable. If I can't find my way home, I hope saving their world will help me find a new purpose here

- My current adventure is truly a cause for good, my new party members are of good character. Since I also seem to be stuck here I better do my best to save this world and keep my new friends alive.

- I am still very suspicious of these drow.