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A picture of Squee

Squee was a happy goblin baby born at 6:57AM, October 18th, 3744. Squee grew into a happy goblin child on the tropical Island kingdom of Metawah-ha with his family. He was the second child born to the family. His Mother Medina and Father Graz worked in the summer palace of the Great King Rubin Kroger every summer the king and his court would come to Metawah-ha and enjoy the islands magnificent treasures. One member of the Kings court, a young human girl with golden hair named Carrie became a playmate for little Squee. They ran around the castle quite happily as children do. His Mother and Father were artists, renown island wide for their painting skills. They even tried to get little Squee and his older brother Moseby into the family trade a few times . Moseby took to the training eagerly, but Squee rebelled. While he had the natural talent, he wished for other things.

On the evening before his 8th birthday, Squee was abducted by Orc slavers. Before too long, Squee found himself the property of the Church of Tiamat. It was lorded over by an evil gnome with a great big sword. Squee cleaned and cooked for 3 years of his life away under the cruel gaze of that wretched little gnome. One of the church parishners, an elderly dwarf named Nelson WhiteBeard saw how hard working and good Squee was and expressed interest in purchasing him from the church. As Tiamat is a greedy god, the evil gnome quickly agreed and sold Squee to Whitebeard. The Dwarf brought Squee to his home in a nearby dwarvish settlement. This new owner, Nelson was still mean, but he was fair. "Better than being in that wretched church" said Squee often. For two years Squee served as the old man's aid, fetching his medicine from the healer, cooking for him and cleaning his small home. Nelson died quite suddenly, and upon his death bed the old dwarf told Squee that he was releasing him, and his freedom had been earned.

Squee gathered his few belongings and quickly left the dwarvish settlement he had been moved to . He signed on with a group of elvish trappers on their way to the capital city to trade and sell their wares. He helped them with their trapping, skinning, carving and breaking down of the animal carcass for food supplies for many months before they arrived in the grand great capital city of Titan's Harbor where he tried to find meaningful employment. Failing this, he turned to a life of crime. He spent some months pick pocketing tourists arriving into the city. Unbeknownst to Squee, this was the exact city where the great king Kroger ruled the rest of the year when he was not enjoying the hospitality and beauty of Metawah-ha. A young noble woman approached the dirty goblin while he was eating his lunch one day. It was Carrie, the very same young human girl with golden hair that Squee had played with so long ago in the summer castle. She was all grown now, and Squee thought she looked like an angel. She asked where he had been all these years, and that the court was going to return to his family's home of Metawah-ha in the next few weeks. Squee asked if he could accompany the court, and the young woman said he could. They quickly re-connected and Squee told her of his adventures. Carrie consoled him and before too long, Squee was once again with his family on the beautiful island home. His mother had given birth to two more children while he was away. He was introduced to his little brother Mikunda and even littler sister, Eden Despite being reunited with his family, Squee spent much time in the jungles by himself, learning of nature and healing the mental scars given to him by Tiamat over the past years. He found an interest in the crawling lizards of the jungle. He even caught a young one and raised it as a pet which he named Mouf . It soon became almost a permanent fixture upon his back, dangling it's long tail lazily over his shoulder.