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Surtha Greyraven

A picture of Surtha GreyRaven

Orc Rogue

Chila and Stunach -- Parents -- father Stunach died bravely defending tribe in a battle How about the other side of the battle comes to haunt him.

Fraternal Grand Father - Lutiv (with him he died of old age) I don't want to get old.

Fishing with father -- Good memory

2 sisters Meav and Vogy -- He helped raise

Orc Stories memorized --

Mom's Orphanage?

Rogue friend Nelak Red Hand rogues and assassins, -- Framed him, famliy ran and started orphanage

Enemy in CoL, racist, Mathius, Redaz a Scyndar priest let him. Mathius traitor "The Great Secret" They charmed Redaz, later killed him. Who was the man Mathius was talking with about "The Great Secret" --- I think this should be a red hearing, and Mathius had gotten ill and did fall and break his own neck.

Legacy Item

    My hopes for the Future
  1. When he retires I would like to own an Inn/Brewery
  2. An Inn
  3. I work for me ,and employ a variety of retired adventures
  4. I've Adventured from one side of the world to the next in the name of Fame/Glory
  5. Most notable monster I killed was the Demon Orcus 6-Orcus worshipers hate me to this day because of it.

BLACK NAIL-Legacy Item (short sword)

Long ago there lived a jotnar hero Dalek Jes . Who showed the people how to fight back against the tyranny of king Lozak . King Lozak thought that only humans were the rightful rulers of the world and that all other races should be wiped out or put in slavery or servitude. Dalek helped organize the multitude of races and fight back against this tyrant. Near the end of the conflict , Dalek was captured and crucified in the capital of Danzburg he hung for 2 weeks in agony , but always preaching to the people that what the king was doing was wrong. Someone heard and believed Dalek's words because when the rebels lead by the orc TogaRa came to free him the gates were open , and only a few of the most fanatical of Lozak's followers fought back. In the final confrontation at the foot of Dalek's crucified body Lozak began to cast a foul spell that would wipe out all life not just the nonhumans. As he began to cast Dalek with his last breath pulled himself from the cross and drove his hand with the nail still in it into Lozak's black heart killing him. Dalek seeing that his people had won passed onto the after life. As a sign of respect TogaRa took the nail and forged it into a short sword of simple but exceptional quality. Black nail has been passed down form generation to generation .