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Thurgood was born 3rd of 5 children in a village in the Quiet Mountains just west of Raven’s Cross. When he was little, a seer came into his home and read his future. Thurgood was born with a strange arrow shaped mark on his right cheek. When he was still an infant, his parents sought a prophet came to his home to inspect it. When the prophet arrived, he inspected the mark and told the family he had no notable destiny to look forward too.

He grew up on his families’ large estate, going to school at the local hunters’ guild as soon as he was old enough. The guild was well known and quite large, children of all races from the entire area came to learn the ropes of hunting, and how to do it well and stay alive doing it. The large guild school taught him the skills needed for him to be a hunter and join the ranks of his family’s profession. While a still-young Thurgood was on a hunt with his father and uncle, a great beast attacked the group. Their group was scouting out some prey when they inadvertently fell into a trap of their own. The massive beast exploded into the clearing and caught his father completely off guard, nearly slicing him in two with its great razor sharp claws. Thurgood saw the monster’s intent to attack his uncle, and he leapt into it, intercepting the horrific toothed bite headed for his uncle. Thurgood took the hit, wincing at the sight of his own blood being splattered about the entire clearing. His Uncle used the opportunity and managed to quickly stab the beast in its great seeking orb of an eye. The beast roared in pain and retreated from the clearing. Thurgood’s uncle carried him back to the hunters’ guild where Thurgood made a full recovery. The ceremony for his father’s burial was honorable and many of the townsfolk atteneded. After that, his uncle took him into his care and treated him as his own son. Thurgood still hears that roar in his nightmares.

During one of your nightmares you were screaming out the name of 2 people and gave away your best friends secret. Your uncle lost a major client and his business took a big hit. The friend was a priest of quitari and was removed from consideration of the clergy. He now hates you and the church.

As Thurgood grew up he discovered that one of his loves was shopping. He can’t pass up a good deal from whatever shopping areas he finds himself at.

At the age of nine Thurgood was nearly completed with basic school, a cousin of his took a trip to a faraway tropical land. When he returned, he gave Thurgood a strange egg he had acquired on his travels. Thurgood used his guild training and raised the egg until it hatched a colorful parrot. The talkative parrot grew to adulthood and sits on his Thurgood’s shoulder.

At the age of 10 Thurgood took up the worship of Quitari enjoying the art and beauty of the religon, he and aligned himself against theirQuitari’s foes. After he graduated from the guild’s school, hHe left his families’ estate, but before he left, as a present gift; his mother gave him an amulet of a rising sun. She told him it was his father’s, and he always talked about the long dead culture it belonged too. She said that his father said he would look after it and not let it into the wrong hands. His mother told him to do the same in honor of his father., and It he was also given a nice greatclub (305 GP).

I left with 39 other kids from the town; I was one of the oldest. Little did I know but my real adventures were just starting.