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Urien DelveLight

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Mother- Lua She is a teacher of languages at the local school. She also teaches languages to the city guard.

Father- Malte He is a craftsman a builder of locks, clocks, and watches . He occasionally does repairs on sextons

Older Brother- Devin He is a mate on the ship the Iron Justice. He taught Urien a form of fist combat he learned from an elven sailor.

Younger Brother- Temal still very young 11 idolizes both his older brothers. Urien has had to step in-between his younger brother and bullies on more than one occasion as Temal is on the bookish side.

Since his mother taught at the local school , she had no problem pulling strings to get her son enrolled.

In early teen years was caught stealing . As punishment he was apprenticed to the watch doing menial task cleaning armor, oiling weapons, laundry , etc. Became friends with a few of the guards.

On All Saints Day became very moved by the stories of the saints and their genuine goodness. Tries to be follow goodness as much as possible.Likes to visit churches.

On his 16th birthday he was given a quiver that belonged to his famous Adventurer uncle Dammo DelveLight. After research found out his uncle disappeared at Magda's Mt. Menagerie.

Urien stands 4'1 and weighs 160pds his body is thick and strong . His head is framed by a mane of rich black hair and beard , piercing ice blue eyes gaze out of a friendly face. He normally dresses lightly and will go barefoot if permitted. He has a quite and friendly manner except when dealing with bullies. He likes to talk about religious believes and is extremely helpful in most cases. He speaks with a little dwarven accent as his father says it keeps us connected to our people that way.