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Vash Torak

Vash Tattoo

My father was in the Lord Eric Vander (Aenar Scout Force). After the war he went to work in the iron mines and that's what he and my second brother do my eldest brother is a smith my sister is a book keeper and my mother is a former medic in the lords army which is where she met my father, my parents are also reaching the time when they'll head back to the tree of life, their just waiting for their last child to be married off.

My father and Kiyrocs father, served together under Lady Kuldee. My father saved Kiyrocs's father's life when he stepped in and killed the Black Orc War Chief that was about to strike him down.

The Ravens Blade (Mercenaries)

A Mid-level group normally hired to handle the guarding for merchants, fights in skirmishes, and some under the table deals killing slavers the leader of the group has a hate on for slavers

During my time with them is when I killed a young Black Orc chief as my father did. That is where I got the tattoo on my back. This is also the heraldry for the Ravens.

kiyrocs father was knighted during the war but later died. The family was allowed to keep the land they rec'd with the title, but the title died with her father.


Height:5,6 weight:145 Eyes:blood red, Hair:white