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Asavar Picture

Asavar was born the 1st of 4 children to , Telak and Rani Kul. His father acted as Asavar's mentor throughout his life. His family as many Orcs do, worked as laborers and heavy lifters. As a child while out and about he stole a gold necklace from a noblemen in the city bazaar, when caught by the city guard he told them it was his friend Milik who took the necklace. Milik was beaten severely for this. Because of this Asavar doesn't deal well with guards and he feels beholden to Milik who has begun to hang out with the wrong crowd.

While living in the countryside a young child was lost in the dangerous wooded area outside the village, everyone was looking for the child but it was Asavar who found her and not a moment too soon as she was about to be mauled by a Snegler(large snake like weasel) he managed to kill the snegler and bring the girl back to the village even though it left him with a scar over his right eye. The people of the village were very happy and began to shower Asavar with gifts , which he took happily until his father showed him that real heroes expect no reward for good deeds. After learning this Asavar quickly returned all gifts to the villagers.

It was shortly after this that a tragic accident by a child playing in a hay loft caused the whole village to catch fire. While helping to fight the fire and pull people from the burning village Asavar was visited by what he believed to be a messenger from the gods. This messenger told him he would bring honor and glory back to the Orcs, and to seek knowledge from his ancestors . Because of this vision Asavar seeks whatever knowledge he can find on his family in the hopes that the Blood of Chiefs runs in his veins and hopes to one day lead his own tribe of orcs.

It was after this incident that his parents put him and his siblings in the care of the gnome Justin. With whom he and many other orphans traveled to flee the growing evil in Tower of Pearl. During this time some of the smaller children took to calling him Two-Fangs sinced it helped the children to not be afraid of him and his Orc heritage Asavar has alowed this and even grown fond of the name. Justin introduced you to his brother Gurmir who would lead him to Mathilda Cynric in Cassaar city. Asavar would meet his companions Tevyn,Throuhgood,and Gregor while working Mathilda's house to help care for orphans. Asavar and his Companions grew relatively close over the 2yr trek from Raven's Cross to Cassaar to the fabled city of Sorcerers. Things seemed to be going well in the new orphanage, when Mathilda didn't come home one night. Asavar has tried to learn something of what has happened to her but caring for 40 children takes alot of time so far all he has come up with is a rumor she was in a fight of somekind.

While seeking the past of his family and orcs he has found many strange and wondrous things, first his family no matter where have always seemed to honor the Gods of Light, and have a long standing feud with the followers of Morrigan over their taking of children. Two he has a great,great,great grandmother named Lautha who he has never meet, but who his cousin Navral has told him to stay away from on threat of death.

When dealing with most people of all races Asavar is pleasant, he dislike bullies. His dealings with the churches have been limited as he doesn't understand nor like their structured worship.