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The Flight of Plix

The sweat ran cold down Plix's back; he had been running all day. He didn't know why the Shai Elite of the elven Royal guard wanted him but they did. Returning to the countess was just the sort of thing to add to her troubles so it was out the question. Plix had just made it to Henrey Vincent's who seeing the fear in the young gnomes eyes had offered to hide him, and hopefully give more help when he figured out why Plix was wanted. Having nothing to do Plix ate from the cold meat and cheese provided and drank a small glass of watered down wine. He then took a minute to compose himself and knelt down, and voiced a heartfelt prayer.

Rhiannon Keeper of the Dawn I ask you to help me be Strong in the face of adversity , to show me how to Restore my People to Power. To Help me show them the way back to the Fey Fold, To guide me through this troubling time.

With the prayer said and head in hand Plix lay down on the small cot in the back of the Church of Light, and immediately fell asleep. He awoke in the middle of the night surrounded by a beautiful woman haloed in white light, she said" I have heard your prayer little one, and will help how I can for I too need followers on this realm. Take this necklace it is incomplete when you have finished it you may return and Face the elves and lift up your people. When you wake Henrey will send you to the orphanage on the other continent, they need your guidance as Dark powers have sought them out as agents and though they Fight it's hold it is a difficult road ahead . Seek to finish the Necklace, the first piece is under Sorcerer's City. With these words still in his head Plix awoke determined and refreshed as Henrey came into the little room.

Henrey and Plix spoke about their Dreams because Henrey too had been visited; they agreed to do as instructed. Henrey had his castle contacts smuggle Plix's belongings out of the countess rooms. Henrey told Plix to be ready as soon as he could he would send him to the orphanage. Plix began to check and pack his gear, at the bottom of his backpack he discovered a fine golden chain with missing stones around a fey symbol. He felt elated and knew he was on the right course. Henrey took Plix to meet his friend Telic at the Church of Dara he would be the one to Transport Plix to the Church of Andor in Deidre Bay, he was told to speak to Athena she would know where to find the Orphans . As Telic began to cast his spell, the Shai Elite brutes in and disrupted the casting as it went off.

Plix felt as if he was in nothingness for quite some time before finally appearing in the Church of Andor , he was extremely disoriented and it took him days to recover as he awoke he talked to Athena who told him of the Orphans and all the good they had done in town recently She also informed him they had just left town to catch a murderer . Plix began to get ready to go after them , while gathering his supplies he learned staggering news he was months into the Future from when he had left Henrey.