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Paths are extras you can gain along the way. As you meet people in these groups you may desire or be invited to join. You gain special abilities, knowledge and access to what ever the group is about. The most common is the AG (Adventurer's guild). There are others like the Crafter's of Magic guild, these are the crafter of magic items and they are very protective of their craft. It is one of the greatest prestiges in the land for spell casters. They are all wealthy and have places of renown with benefactors that can protect and support them.

I also welcome ideas and work in this area if you have a special group that should have a path.

Clergy Paths


Race Paths

Epic Paths

Instructions on Taking Paths

You must meet the requirements. You can meet them at the same time you join or advance in a group.

Groups sometimes cost money or XP to join. The money can usually be negotiated when needed. The XP cost however must be paid in full. You must have enough XP that paying the required XP so that it will not reduce you to the next level. All other Requirements for paths will be explained in the path.

Racial Paths require a commitment usually at character creation. Sometimes though they can be introduced as a 'Reveal' in game, but the DM has to approve this.