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Travel Log 2

By Valgari Silverpalm (Gar)

Dear Father,

I am on my first assignment for my new employer. I've met my colleagues and they are certainly... different. We definately never had people this eccentric back Home.

They are a team of 4, although one of them stayed behind on this assignment. The 3 that I travel with now are a Sorcerer, whom seldom speaks and I know little about; a young Goblin, Squee, who is quite energetic if a bit dim and is constantly accompanied by his pet Lizard; and finally a Human, Farragut, who is also quiet, although I believe he may have had some training of a quasi-legal fashion.

We set off to a small villiage called 'Slate Water' on the North western coast and made good time getting there. Our objective was to begin a monitoring effort to track the whereabouts of an organization - an organization whose only feature revealed to us is a white tatoo on their neck. I trust that my Employer's intentions are good, however I am never comfortable working without all availiable information.

While the Sorcerer disappeared, presumably to follow connections and gater information in his own way; after a short survey of the town, Squee, Farragut and I made our way to where we decided the most traffic flowed - a small Tavern called the Rat and Tankard.

I soon realized that Squee and Farragut were taking the most straightforward, if inelegant, approaches towards gathering information in a fishing and farming town - specifically, buying the house a couple rounds, then slipping the Innkeep double the price. Once I saw that they were doing quite well, although worried that they were drinking from what they were sending around, I decided to leave them to their business and try to find another set of ears and eyes.

I wandered about town for a bit, when I noticed the chimney and plume of smoke that meant a Forge. Knowing that Tradesmen tend to hear much of what goes on in a town, I decided to help out and see what I could pick up from Master and his Apprentices or Journeymen.

Rusty as I was, I put in a good days work. It was not difficult - plowshares, wagon parts and horseshoes with 1 barrel of nails that the Apprentices were very vocal in their thanks of my assistance. I remember my days of making nails quite well, and was more than happy to help out.

At the end of the day, I had suitably impressed the Master and, in lieu of payment, I spoke with him about my mission and asked if he could let me know if he found anything out. He said he would, and left me an open invitation to return. Pleased with a day's honest labor for the first time in some time, I returned to the Tavern to check after Squee and Farragut.

I was disappointed to find them both quite inebriated - but they were able to gather the information we were looking for. However, I should not have mentioned informing our Employer, as they both dutifully put quill to parchment and sent in their... reports. I took some care with mine, and sent it along so that at least there would be one legible accounting of what we had found.

I've just finished up that note, and decided I would catch up with you while I had the ink out. Give Mother my regards, I'll write my next letter to her.

Love and Honor,

Valgari Silverpalm