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Travel Log 3

By Valgari Silverpalm (Gar)

Game = July 23, 2010

Dear Father,

It has been a difficult time and I apologize for not having written. You will be pleased to note that Mother has been avenged, but I am ashamed that I have taken my first life. I am distrught by the feeling that it will not be my last and, may my predecessors forgive me, I enjoyed ending the man that destroyed Mother.

I am no longer living in [MINE]. Once I killed Pret, Master Rungyof ordered me away. I am not sure why, but he has always had my best interests at heart and I did not argue. I cannot shake the feeling that he has passed, and my summons home may never be forthcoming. But [MINE] has not truly been Home to me, since you left.

I was confused at first, and wandered aimlessly. Ill-prepared for my sudden exile, I found quickly that I had not nearly the sustanance to survive my trek to points suitably removed to begin a new life. I do not know how long I wandered, but I must assume that I either went slightly mad or have experienced something of the divine. In either case, I must meditate upon those experiences more before divulging them. Even to you.

I have been hired onto a long term contract. I am serving a human woman of some social stature in an endevor to protect a kingdom from failing. I will be leaving to meet those I will be working with tomorrow morn - but I have a few hours to myself and decided to write to you.

I do not know if it is silly to continue this excercise of Mother's - but I find it gives me peace of mind and comfort to speak to you and occasionally, Mother; even though I know you have both passed again around the wheel. Perhaps, if you have returned to the world, I will meet you in my travels. If, in stead, you are taking a well deserved rest from mortal life - I hope to meet you on the other side.

But I know you'll understand when I say that I hope not to meet you on the other side for quite some time to come.

Love and Honor,

Valgari Silverpalm