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Journal 1 of Trek 22

As told by Da'Hak

The Adventures Guild had gotten me along with a few others a paying job which was good .After what had happened with Servina I was broke and needed whatever money I could get to get out of Ferry Village. The people they paired me up with didn't seem like much but looks can be deceiving. Matt Decker needed some people to pick up some cargo in Starshine and bring it back untainted and unharmed. We meet with Decker at the Inn and over a few drinks he gave us half our money up front as well as a scroll that would inform us what we were transporting. We were to meet Harold Padec at the Dusty boar in Starshine, he would tell us where to pick up our package .Lucien one of the crew was even able to up our traveling money before we left, not bad for a guy with a toothpick strapped to his side.

The trip to Starshine was relatively uneventful we swung wide around Halmir, having been informed that it was full of heavy hitting do-gooders. Arriving at Starshine we quickly made our way to the Dusty Boar and meet our contact. A friendly fella who bought us food and drink and told us where to meet him later that night. On the way to the meet we picked up a tail, and quickly laid an ambush. My mace blasted through that kids head like a mallet through a melon oh well someone that sloppy shouldn't have been tailing us just wish we could've asked who he was working for. We made it back to the meet point and picked up our cargo, a bunch of kids in a cage in a wagon under a tarp. As we headed out the south gate Lucien tried to babble his way passed the two militia on duty with little affect. We eventually showed the guards our silver papers and were a-loud to pass out into the night.

Night is really dark, and we soon realized we didn't have the right equipment for traveling in it. So after checking our map the plan was made to use up what we supplies we had then send Slathrack into Halmir to reequip torches and oil for the trip. We got close enough to Halmir and sent Slathrack ahead to get gear; he made it back in record time with no incident.

While we waited for Slathrack to recover from his trek and night to fall, we were attacked by a well-organized gang who tried to free our cargo. Finally someone to hurt, after a quick struggle we managed to overcome the gang and recapture the cargo that had been freed. We quickly set out on our way again.

Taking a short break before pushing on to Ferry Village Raith heeding the call of nature managed to stir up a little cute cuddly bear and her huge pissed off mother. We almost all bought it on that one let know one tell you different bears pack a hell of a punch. After the fight we managed to catch the cub, I hope to train it to ride I've seen it done before. We made it back to Ferry Village and Mr. Decker who says he will have more work for us in a bit.