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Journal 2 of Trek 22

As told by Da'Hak

Decker was as good as his word; he called us in for another job. This time another employee of Mr. Decker's had been captured by some Kobolds in the mountains a few days ago. We were to return that person to Decker in one piece.

Gathering our gear we quickly set out. The journey to the caves was uneventful to say the least. When we got there it was pretty straight forward beating the crap outta a lot of Kobolds they make up for their lack of skill with numbers , and I do mean a lot of them . It wasn't long before we were all covered in the little bugger’s blood.

The Masacare of the Black Hand Kobold tribe. 22 March 43,551.

We followed Rafe's lead as he said he had some insight as to where the person we were looking for would be in these caves, well after many a wrong turn do to his insightful leading we finally found ourselves crawling along a ledge over a deep chasm. Rope bridges went from one side to the other. We beat the crap out of another group of scaly bastards who seemed to be protecting a room with runes on the floor. Well after much trying and more insight on Rafe's part we couldn't get into the room so we gave up and decided to go across the bridge. Lucien went over and found our guy busted up pretty bad in a cave at the end of the bridge , so he quickly rigged him up using his backpack and other materials so he could carry him back across ,seems broken legs are hard to walk on . Now my job was just go over and make sure they had a safety line, well, let me tell you nothing can prepare you for hanging upside down over an endless fall, makes you think about a lot of things like people you still need to kill anyway. I finally got my ass over there and got them tied up and they made it back and we headed back to Ferry village to meet Decker. When we got back after making this prick as comfortable as we could and healing him up the whole way home ,what does Decker do he kills him. Not that I care mind you but could have saved us a lot of time and effort if we knew all we needed was the tattoo of this guys back.