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Journal 3 of Trek 22

As told by Da'Hak

So after doing well on our last job Decker gave us some info about some abandon dwarfed delve where they had lost some unknown artifact . He gave the info and said have it , well we quickly set out to find it in the Grind mountains . Our trip was fast and safe for the most part we where set upon by some kinda grey tree wolf spirit thingys that got most of us rilled up though we did manage to destroy them . We made it to the "abandon delve" well it appears that it's not as uninhabited as we were led to believe the dwarfs were in the process of moving back in , and had set up a work town above it . We spent a few days trying to gather some info on the artifact and the delve ,before we decided to head down . Since we didn't want to have to fight our way through a bunch of beardys on the way out , we told them we were going into the delve to collect the artifact . The dwarfs had no problem with us going down after it ,but the did try to rob us right to our face with outrages prices on spelunking equipment . I would rather have to did my own tunnel back to the surface with a spoon than pay the prices they were asking. So after a general kiss my butt they lowered us down a long elevator shaft and we began what seems like it's going to be a very long time don here.