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Journal 4 of Trek 22

As told by Knock

Some developments happened last night that will affect you and should know about.

We (Grizzle, Lucien and Knock) explored the second level again to see if we can find anything else. Grizzle was able to defeat the trap to the dwarven lord's room and I unlocked the inner chamber. There on three tables we found a ring of the actor, a ring of defense, a potion of dark-vision, a potion of fire resistance, a bag of coffee grounds, a bottle of sustaining, and a bottle of spiced beer.

Lucien took water from the fountain in the first level and poured it in the channels that had the grey-blue residue. Rays of light began to glow from floor to ceiling and when Grizzle tried to pass through one his soul seemed to be stretched from his body. Somehow Grizzle seemed diminished after the event.

We fought some kobolds in the big cavern that is strewn with large debris. As normal my battle skills need improvement (OoC - didn't help the DM rolled 18, 17, 20, 19 against me and rolled crappy against everyone else)

As we continued we came to a room that had a small offset room that the handle was hot. Lucien used the potion of fire resistance and entered the room. Once inside he found some kind of wheel and turned it. The whole dungeon trembled as some great mechanism opened or closed.

Because the whole dungeon trembled with the mechanism new cracks have opened up and purple ooze leeched out and began attacking us with acid. one of the oozes grabbed Lucien and had him pinned, I saved his life and killed it.

The most important part is now here. We explored the long elevated platform that extends out into a large cavern. At first it seemed just a large dark cavern, but if the light was removed you could begin to see the stars. These stars are not like ours which roamed the sky in random patterns. These stars all traveled across the sky predictably and groups of stars formed patterns. The stars also traveled at an accelerated rate and repeated to show us the history of the stars. We looked through the hollow cylinder to view the stars and the patterns began to emerge into shapes, but were still indiscernible. I polished the cylinder and again we viewed the stars, this time we could see definite patterns emerge in the stars. We saw the man with a kite shield of gold and the drop of blood. We also saw a diamond with a drop of blood.

When we could discern no more and were about ready to leave the cavern a large dragon landed and blocked our path. Lucien (OoC - controlled by Darth Sethius) challenged the dragon in a battle of wits and tried to impress the dragon. Lucien was ill prepared and reverted to selling his soul to the beast; along with ours. Lucien is now a servant to this dragon named Damavan and the dragon believes we follows Lucien.

Finally we entered the third level.