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Journal 5 of Trek 22

As told by Da'Hak

So we have been down in this empty dwarves city for quite some time now. We have been attacked by many things and begun to learn who in the party has what it takes to make it. Rafe is invaluable as he provides healing, and Slathrack is as vicious as they come , Lucien well he provides a lot with his team that follows him around though he treats them like real people not property, very strange for a high and mighty Lord to do that but oh well unless it endangers me, who cares.

We easily dispatched the lurker in the dark that the dwarfs were so afraid of but got our asses handed to us by some damn beetles that almost bled us dry. So some of us needed to rest while others pushed on we managed to pick up 2 new members while down here ,sure is populated for an empty place. Well the other group with new members went out while some of us rested what exactly happened not real sure Knock told us a story that sounds far fetched and I kinda hope isn't true cause if it is I'm gonna have to put Lucien down,deals with Dragons just don't work into my long term plans.

Anyway when the other group got back we had a visit from the mythical Grinch who delivered beatings and presents to all. Afterwards we all headed out together again, we came upon a large stone work room and set about looking around. Most of the party became fascinated with a rapier stuck in the wall for some reason not sure why, my grandma uses toothpicks that will do more damage than one of those needles, but they all seemed to want it really bad. While walking around Slathrack developed some kinda nervous tick for some reason. Then we where attacked by invisible air creatures of some kind, They had us dead to rights there for a minute if only we would have gotten a warning before they attacked we could have been ready. We quickly rallied and beat them back into the nothing from which they came. Afterwards Rafe set about with his magic finger and healed us all back up. We gathered up and set out again most of the areas we investigated yielded nothing other than ash from the dormant volcano which covers most things down here in a fine layer of dust. The further we went in the more dust and more spider webs we began to find everywhere. We thought we would be ready for the little bugs when the showed but we weren't, one they weren't so little almost the size of dog and two who knew spiders could run on the ceiling. Well these bastards where tough to say the least, never been so scared of a bug in all my life one minute I'm hacking them to pieces with my sword the next I'm running like a woman down the hallway along with a lot of my party members. Some of us were able to rally and come back and finish off the eight legged freaks, but eventually everybody made it back and we stomped them good.

We needed a quick rest but right after we decided we should find and kill the mother of these things just on the principle that we looked like fools, so we quickly located what we thought to be her lair and began to assault it well it didn't take us long before we all ran like woman again. Deciding bugs aren't our strong suit we blocked up the access to us and set off to see the rest of the delve.