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Journal 6 of Trek 22

As told by Da'Hak

So after a quick retreat from the spiders cause they were scary. We moved down to another level. The dwarf craftsmanship was amazing on this level carving all over the walls telling of what appears to be the founding of the dwarf race and how it took its place on this world, though one race appears to have disappeared. We searched many a room and came up with not a lot just a few items, we finally came upon a diorama of a wedding Lucien remembered the wedding from the last time we were in town and soon we all began to recognize figure from our time in town, we read a small inscription and began to set about solving this puzzle it took us a little longer than we thought cause dwarfs call miniatures "statues" for some reason but we got it figured out and the diorama came to life. We were able to remove the tabard from the groom which proceeded to blast both Lucien, and Rafe making them very sick just from touching it. Using some tools I got it packed up into my backpack.

The next place we came upon was a huge door with many hammers on it we could tell just by looking at it, it was trapped. Grizzle stepped forward and with ease he picked the lock inside was a broken lift that led down into the mines. We all wondered the same thing "Did the dwarfs dig to deep". Deciding against destroying the lift for no other reason than it might block us going down we moved on.

Searching a lot of rooms and not turning up much, we came across a room filled with Tapestries which Rafe set out to explore…why he keeps putting himself up front I don't know. Moving through the tapestries and not paying attention Rafe knocked over a glass statue of Typhoon with its foot nailed to the floor. Well a few of us started to try to get the major pieces back together and get the nail out of the foot. When the nail came free it flew out of Grizzle's hand and went right through Slathrack's foot and into the floor nailing him there. We finally managed to get his foot free and move on.

We came across a few rooms with what appear to be symbols and references to evil goods but most of the riddles seem out of out of our understanding. Slathrack seems to be acting a little strange if I didn't know better it seemed like he was going to attack me in a fit of rage when we both stayed in a room trying to figure the riddle of the Pillars, but he didn't so we moved on ….though I will have my eye on him.

After a few more hours of going through the dwarfs rooms we came across a large iron box, bound with chains. We knew there had to be something good in there so we set about opening it, inside was a man wearing a strange helmet or mask who came to life when we touched him. Again I feel weak and shamed that I spent more time running from this thing than actually fighting it but we did finally overcome it. After resting again we moved further in finding the dwarves tombs , we set about opening them which was a good thing dwarves seem to bury some nice things with their dead. When we tried to leave the tombs the dwarf’s guardians set upon us, but they were quickly overcome.