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Journal 7 of Trek 22

As told by Da'Hak

Duriel's screams echoed throughout the pitch black tunnel. Slathrak could see perfectly despite the darkness. He could see Duriel's lower half of his leg was connected to Duriel's upper half of his leg by a thick strand of meat. He could clearly see bone protruding from both the upper and lower sections of leg.

"Sssssilence you fool!" He whispered, his own vision hazy and blurred from wounds inflicted by the cart. He looked around, and he hissed as he witnessed his own tail flopping around. Like Duriel's leg, it had been cut from his body and it lay a few feet away. Slathrak looked at Duriel's leg, blood flowed quickly. Slathrak knew that only great magiks could repair the damage, and the medic human did not possess great magiks. Thinking upon his knowledge of medicine, he knew the rest of the leg had to come off. The smell of Durial's warm blood was intoxicating. He saw light moving at the end of the hallway and knew he had to act quickly.

Something feral in Slathrak awoke and he snapped at the bit of meat that connected the two sections of leg. His eyes rolled back in his head as he remembered the flavor he hadn't tasted in so long. His sharp teeth mostly severed the meat on both sides, he only had to tug gently and the lower part was free. Duriel's screams fell silent. The human had finally succumbed to the pain and passed out. A part of Slathrak had hoped he would have stayed conscious. A part of Slathrak had hoped Duriel could watch his own leg be eaten.

Slathrak had time for a few quick chews, and quickly swallowed the blood soaked chunk of flesh in his mouth. He called out to Da'Hak and guided him to the scene.

Moments later, the humans arrived with their wretched light. The healer bent over and began inspecting Duriel's stump. Slathrak produced the leg, and muttered something about finding it across the way. The healer said "I can't attach it, do what you will with it." Slathrak grinned and put it in his food bag, already stained deep red with the blood of the local denizens he had already eaten. He stumbled over to his tail, picked it up and put it in the bag as well.

Once safely off the rails, Da'hak said it was time to rest and heal the wounded. The group agreed.