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Journal 2 of The Nomads of Terrene


As told by Alister

The next month(s) came and we were summoned by Katy when Alex the Bard finally arrived. Nyrd was researching the origins of the graveyard in the wilderness. He discovered that the graveyard has been seen in many different locations, so it travels around the world. Also that the graveyard belongs to Andor; so the gems that Kas and Steve stole were gems that belonged to a God! Thus we were unknowingly cursed by Andor… thanks Kas, you greedy bastard, for adding more problems. Katy informed the group that Alex will be leading and aiding us to The Path, which will help us rid ourselves of the curses that were bestowed upon us during our previous journey to the Hills of Iron.

The group gather outside of Tiara with Alex once we were ready for travel. We mounted up onto our horses, besides Imtari and Diesa. I can understand why the monk would choose to walk everywhere, but I believe Diesa doesn’t want to ask for help onto a horse… probably because she knows it’d take a few of us to hoist her into the saddle. Anyways, we set off and followed Alex into a dense forest and gathered in a grove somewhere deep in the forest. Alex instructed us to all lay in a circle around him. As we were laying down, Alex pulled out a flute and began to play a soft, soothing song and fog began to surround the grove. I panicked to myself as the fog came rolling in, but I began to fall asleep before I could react.

The next thing I know is that we are all waking up outside of a cottage and Alex is missing, along with our horses… Not seeing any path, besides the one leading to the front door of the cottage, we decided to go towards the cottage and head inside. Coming up to the front door, we noticed riddles on the door. The left doors’ riddle said “Within these walls peace abides. Visions come from all 4 sides. Once left always left. Beware the twin moon night. When terror wields its awful blight.” The right doors’ riddle said “See every evil keeping, The hated evil. The evil always ravenous! Offer fate, Tears in my embrace. Give Evil Metal, Travel Overland, Kindle a Natural Ancient Key!” So after discussing which doorway to enter through because we were all pretty weary about being cursed upon entry, we decided the left doorway because of the ‘Once left always left’ had us believing we’d be able to leave through the same doorway if we desired to do so.

We spent the next few days exploring the various rooms in the house, such as the dining room, library, kitchen, bedrooms and cellar. The dining room seem to have an endless supply of food and drink that would magically appear at a specific time each day, marking breakfast, lunch and dinner. We would be notified by the clock in the dining room once it was time to eat. The first night we sat at the dining room table, rings appeared in front of us, each with a different gem; mine was a Blue White Diamond ring.

The library seemed huge and was filled with all sorts of books, like Clerical Skills, Alchemy Vol. 1, The Constitution of the United States, Growing Greener Gardens and Playboy. I spent hours reading Alchemy Vol. 1 and can’t wait to buy my own Alchemy Supplies and try to make a few potions for myself! Kas found a map in the library and believed that it held some secret information, spending days attempting to decipher it; which I believe was a waste of time since he never said he found anything interesting. Kas also found a book titled “Places We Must Go” and decided to hold onto it. The library also had a Grandfather clock that wasn’t ticking on its own. We set the clock to 3:15 and it revealed a secret room that held a device that led to the outside of the house! I retired for the night after exploring that room.

The next morning I awoke and went downstairs to the houses’ chapel to pray. The chapel looked as big as a regular church and had candles lit all around the room. After I prayed to Ellina for a heavenly day and went to leave, I noticed unlit candles on a shelf in a strange pattern; ten candles in the first row, eight in the second row and eleven in the third row. I gathered Nyrd, Imtari and Diesa to show them the unlit candle pattern. The four of us agreed that the pattern relates to the Church of Light and decided to light candles four, five and ten in row one in respect to the Gods we each follow; Dara, Ellina and Tylora and say a prayer. Nyrd and I received a feeling of safety after praying and Imtari received a vision of locations that match names in “Places We Must Go” book!

After we finished in the chapel. I decided to explore some of the house myself, starting with the kitchen. Upon entering the kitchen, I was struck with flower and heard someone giggle as I was hit. Opening all drawers, doors and cupboards in the kitchen, I found some herbs in the pantry and stashed them in my bag to use later; but everywhere else was empty. Leaving the kitchen and walking around the house, I found the group gathered in the living room discussing to explore the crypt with everyone present.

While exploring the crypt, we came upon an electric gate that had a white alabaster statue of Saint Camber behind the gate. With some time and a little skill, Kas was able to flip the switch behind the statue so the gate turned off. We were free to explore around the statue and while doing so, the eyes moved! So I got the hell outta the crypt and decided to explore the upstairs. There seem to be a few bedrooms, a room with a strange box that would answer questions, some simple weapons and coin, but nothing more.

The group exited the crypt and told me that they were ready to depart from this house, apparently called Whippoorwill. I decided to ask the strange box one question in regards to the curse we have bestowed upon us and The Path before we departed. I asked “How do we complete The Path?” and was given the answer “Complete the thirteen paths”. I told the group of this answer and Kas recalled that the “Places We Must Go” book listed exactly thirteen places! Now armed with the all the knowledge we believe we need to rid ourselves of this curse of Andor, we left Whippoorwill and headed South.