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Journal 3 of The Nomads of Terrene

Voyage to Port Justice

As told by Alister

We arrived at Middletown – City of Redemption, which seemed a small village with not a whole lot to offer. Aeryk with the local Adventures Guild was awaiting our arrival and told us that our gear could be found at the Dara Way-House. How Aeryk knew we’d arrive that day and however our gear arrived at Middletown, I’ll never know; but I was glad to have my belongings returned to me. I decided to visit the local smith to discuss the forging of a new weapon worthy enough to represent Ellina met Falynn Rayn, a Dwarven Master Smith. We discussed her forging an Ebon Steel Longsword, Ellinas’ weapon of choice, for 100 gold pieces; thank Ellina that she had just enough of this rare metal left. Falynn told me that the process will take about two weeks for the blade to be finished, but promised great quality.

We decided to stay in Middletown for the time. I volunteered myself to Corry Blade, the Archbishop of the Church of Light in Middletown, to gain his favor and have the Gods smile on me. Once the two weeks passed, we regrouped and discussed what we did with our time. Kas somehow obtained an artifact and learned that it is The Candle of Puregood, which turns anything into some form of good, if the candle is touched with their bare hand; and Kas wasn’t wearing gloves when holding it! He also met Helana Etowanda Ramirez, a Paladin of the Church of Light, who wanted to trade the candle for a Luck Stone; Kas made the trade. This was the only major event that happened in Middletown during the two weeks. So after we were done sharing about our weeks, but before we left town; Diesa and I decided to go back to Whippoorwill to study Herbalism and Fitness books in the Library. The two of us also asked that strange box a few questions before we departed for good.

I asked:

Once I obtained my list. Diesa and I traveled back to Middletown. I collected my new blade from Falynn, a fine black longsword with silver cracks streaking throughout, meaning the metal was forged correctly. Once the party was ready, we traveled West to Port Kopas. We secured a ship once there, the Eclipse, that would take us to Port Justice, Forrestal, Saratoga and end in Sorcerer’s City. The captain, Belfic Wyrwarf, decided to set sail after Ahks Day of Accord and All Saints Day passed. During the first day, Kas and I both apologized to each other; I for not paying him back for a horse he bought me and him for clobbering me over the head in the graveyard we were cursed at. The second day I gave thanks to the saints of Ellina and participated in the festivities while also keeping an eye on local thieves & skirmishers who wanted to disrupt the communities’ enjoyment.

The next day we boarded the Eclipse and set off towards Port Justice. I was excited since this was my first sea voyage, but also terrified because something from the deep could take ship down and there is just so much that I haven’t accomplished yet! Also the entire trip was going to be 30 days on the sea. Six days passed without incident and we came upon a titan! This guy was about 50ft tall, with what we could see was sticking out of the water and looked to be made of white marble. The titan looked down at the ship and then raised its arm to point. The ship changed course to the direction the titan pointed; I wonder what ships and titans have to do with each other. Four more days passed and the ship held a Shellback Competition that everyone participated in. The competition consisted of an obstacle course of barrels and such with greased rope at the end that you must run, jump and hold onto for as long as you can. A few of us held onto the ropes longer than some crew members and our group did well enough to impress the crew, each earning a Pollywog Token to symbolize that we know the ropes! (Get it?)

The morning after the competition, a red sky rose with the sun and a few sailors started murmuring legends amongst each other like ‘Red Sky in the morning, sailors take warning’ and off in the distance we could see storm clouds flying towards the ship. Our group decided to seek shelter below deck in hopes that the storm would be small and pass soon. Later on that day the storm hit, but it didn’t seem too bad below deck. The captain was shouting orders to his crew to secure this and that and we could hear a few ropes snapping, but we assumed that the crew had everything under control. Then we heard the captain yell “Man overboard!” and I immediately went to the top deck to assist. I nearly slipped and fell onto my back when walking out the door and noticed that this storm was gigantic, creating waves at least 20ft higher than the Crow’s Nest! I was able to stumble over to the ledge of the ship without falling where some men were attempting to notice the overboard man in these huge waves and throwing a plank with rope tied to it.

I joined in their search, but after a few failed attempts to even see the man overboard I decided to go below deck, grab my shield that has an emblem of Ellinas’ holy symbol and make a makeshift shrine to pray for guidance on how to best assist the man overboard. I heard Ellinas’ voice tell me “Being where you are currently isn’t helping”. I knew I placed my faith in the right deity! So I returned to the top deck and noticed a loaded ballista was loose and spinning around. I decided to secure the ballista to the ship and then tire a spare rope to the ballista arrow. Once the rope was fastened to the arrow, I aimed towards the man overboard and shot, landing the shot close but not close enough! The shot startled a few crew members, but once they realized what I was attempting, they joined in to assist me. The crew and I repeated this process till we were out of ballista arrows. Suddenly Kas appeared, rope in hand and already tying it around me, came up with the brilliant idea to launch me from the ballista next. I loaded myself in, but was extreme skeptical this was going to work; I actually attempted to unload myself at the last moment, but Kas told me “Too bad!” and launched me!

I’m glad the man overboard was paying attention because I almost flew right over his head. Luckily he has just enough energy to jump out of the water as best as he could and grabbed onto me before I flew over. The man held onto me with the last bit of energy he could conjure and I started to swim back. The swim back didn’t take too long, but that was probably because of the massive wave that basically had the boat tipped vertically helped push it forward. Still the swim took quite a bit of energy. I finally made it back to the ship, scaled the side and had help getting the man and myself back onto the deck. The ship was in worse condition than when I was shot away. The ships’ mass looked as if it snapped and turned in a complete circle and all the ropes I could see were snapped. I started to Mend any ropes that would mend back together, but had a hectic time maneuvering on deck because of how slippery the deck was and it was difficult determining which rope ends fit back together. After some time the storm died down and the ship was made sort of secure. The group went below deck to rest.

I thanked Ellina that we were able to brace through the storm, but several miserable days followed. The captain assured us that Port Justice was about to be visible on the horizon. During our conversation though, a few fish lunged themselves onto the deck and started to attack the crew! Luckily our group was already on deck, so we made quick work of those fish. Once that battle was over, we could see the peaks of Port Justice on the horizon.