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Journal 4 of The Nomads of Terrene

Returning the Tear of Jha'dur

As told by Imtari Linbao

We all are in Sorcerer's City as Nyrde trains at the AG. Imtari goes back out to Tamar's village and Aliester works in the city for the Cathedral of Light.

While the party are in Sorcerer's City the city celebrates the festival of Hephaestus. Aliester talks to Randall, the patriarch of the Cathedral of Light about him becoming a Bastion of Light.

Three of the party affected by the Graveyard curse decide to head to the graveyard to lift the curse. We start by teleporting to Aenar. Alister leaves Dawnstar at the Temple of Ellina here. Aliester meets the regent here, who's name is David. He is odd and unruly and tells Alister he uses his magic to earn the Temple money. Nyrde goes to visit the perfume shop to get a gift.

When Alister tries to return Dawnstar to the Temple of Ellina (Regent Lady Katie Kaldee), she gifts Dawnstar back to him. She tells him that Dawnstar is his burden to bear and to work on finding the taint within him. She reminds him to be careful to not be self-serving. Nyrde gives Alister the bottle of perfume to give to Lady Scomi. Alister spends the rest of the day praying and resting in the temple. Imtari goes to greet Brandy Windbow, a fellow follower of Dara. He invites her out for a night of drinking and exchanging stories of their travels.

Imtari gets to know Brandy better. She is a ranger who is very bow oriented. She trains all of the archers in Aenar. She also is not a wanderer like many of followers of Dara. She instead is more focused on messing with evil doers. She speaks six languages and likes collecting amber gems. She is very militaristic for an elf.

After spending the night in Aenar, we leave heading towards Lady Scomi's keep and the Sable Timberlands. Brandy makes it a point of seeing Imtari off from Aenar. We camp near a stream and see some woodland creatures staring at us. In the morning the druid of the Timberlands appears to us. He introduces himself as Luff and asks us if we are here to fix the damage we caused. He then states we are taking one of his apprentices with us. The apprentice introduces himself as Skarzane.

As we press on towards Lady Scomi's keep we run into a group of dwarves who are homesteading. As we approach Lady Scomi's keep we see that it has changed. There is more development around the keep and signs of a battle. Lady Scomi greets us and then slaps Alister. She berets Alister for the dwarves moving to her area. Apparently Alister preaching to the dwarves about their false god upset the balance. She invites us to sleep in the bunkhouse, not the main keep.

We venture southwards and pass through a canyon. We see a troll fighting a purple worm, which eats the troll in one bite. We reverse course and leave the purple worm alone. We finally arrive in the area of the graveyard and the area around the graveyard is misty and gloomy. As we start making our way into graveyard and find a series of tents, but no people. We do find a banner with a brass tree on an orange field. There are about 20 tents in this area, each with two beds. Skarzane shifts into a bloodhound and detects the smell of death. Imtari finds foot traffic between the graveyard and the encampment.

Imtari asks his ring for protection and the ring casts a spell on him. Nyrde identifies it as necromatic in nature, but cannot identify what it is. We then move into the graveyard. The fog gathers together and brings out a bunch of undead. We fight the undead and some of them turn back into elven soldiers. Three of the undead had the appearance of Deisa's mother, Alister's father, and a former friend of Imtari's. These three disappeared when defeated. After the end of the battle, a cat is still in the graveyard. Skarzane and Alister try to engage it, Skarzane tries to charm it. It reacts by attacking them and then moving away.

We leave the cat alone and put the gem back in the statue. The graveyard immediately disappears, along the bodies. There is a small statue of a woman. When Alister picks it up, it crumbles into dust. The statue was of a weeping woman. Three chests appear and there are magic items in them. A short bow, a crossbow, two potions in bronze bottles, finely crafted dagger, 3 darts, lion hide leather armor, finely crafted vestaments of the Church of Light, scale mail, a scroll, and a wooden ring.