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Journal 5 of The Nomads of Terrene

Tower of 8

As told by Imtari Linbao

We head back to Sorcerer's City and split up to train. (July 23rd). After training we head out to the Tower of 8. We head through Drake, Amber Ridge, Arrow's Crest, and Summerwell. There are statues to a group of Adventurers called Ocean's Adventurers in Arrow's Crest.

By the time we get to Arrow's Crest it is early September (August 21). We then head to Amber Ridge, the City of Fertility. (August 26th). Amber Ridge is protected by a garrison from Elenium, but the Southern Empire has their eyes on this town. Elenium controls this area only because the Southern Empire has not moved on this town yet. There is a smithy in this town run by a follower of Hephastus, Rollo the Hammer - Master Smith.

These are all places we have been on the way to Drake the first time.

Summerwind is the City of Charity. It is a city of halflings protected by the Rangers. One of the main products here is tobacco. There are several temples to the Light gods in Summerwind. We stay at the Singing Hound Inn. Summerwind is run by a baroness named Pooky. Summerwind has an outbound only teleport circle to protect the halflings from invasion by teleporter.

We leave Summerwind on the way to Drake and run into Tadieren, who is heading another caravan. She tells us that her husband is running a bath house in Amber Ridge called Baden's Bath House. She gives us a token for a free bath the next time we are there. Imtari asks Tadieren if she knows anyone in Raven's Cross and if she knows anything about that town. She tells us it is a rough town but tells us to see Frekie, a dwarven Dara follower. Tadieren tells us that Frekie will find us if Imtari wears his Dara symbol in the open.

We leave from Summerwind and head towards Drake. One night on the road towards Drake Aliester sees a sliver of light appears a short distance from camp. Before he can do anything he sees a small female poke her head out of the light. She uses a dagger to open the light further and she starts talking to him. She asks about the leaf armor and asks if Aliester serves the fae. He replies no and that the armor was given to him. She says her name is Queen Megan Gwyn when we ask what her name is. She tells us that if we are ever in her realm that we should look her up in the Citadel of the Stars.

We arrive in Drake on Sept 14th and immediately leave for Raven's Cross. We see farmers moving things back and forth in preparation for the harvest. It is Sept 21st when we arrive. Imtari pulls out his symbol of Dara so that Frekie can find us. He is a beardless dwarf, which is unusual. He motions Imtari to speak to him in the shadows. There are temples to Hela and Asmodeus in this town. There are a couple of good families which live here. The Glasers, the Fearlogs, the Tevins. They are trying to undermine the activities of the evil temples in this town. He fills us on what places are safe to stay and what places to avoid. There is a huge obsidian house here.

While here Aliester runs into an anti-paladin of Asmodeus. He knocks Aliester down and then offers to help him up. Aliester defers the confrontation and the anti-paladin walks away. Frekie takes us to the Glazers to get some gear for the trip into the desert. Gregor asks us to bring back a rowboat from the desert. He looks at the lens and tells us about it. It takes us 7 days to get to the Tower of 8. The tower is several hundred feet tall and in is a clearing in the desert. The tower has four facing sides, but there are eight sides in total. There is a rowboat on the ground near the tower.

We read the signs on the tower before entering and then Aliester drinks a potion of vision. We enter the tower and start investigating. We are first attacked by a giant snail in a large room at the bottom of the tower. We defeat it and then find some gems inside of its shell. We then head up the stairs and are attacked by flying creatures. Imtari is grabbed by one of the creatures and knocked unconscious. The creature drops Imtari. Imtari's ring says tells him that it can save him, which Imtari agrees to.

We continue up the stairs and finally get to the top. The party decides to take a short rest to recover from the last fight. We then start exploring the level. We explore through several rooms, including a bedroom and dining room.

Off of the dining area, we find a pantry room with two buffets in it. One has "Leo" and "Carmen" scratched into them. Inside those chests are women's clothes in them. After exploring the entire level we decide to rest in the guest room.

After resting we continue on up the stairs. We see a series of four doors on different landings. We investigate and eventually Aliester casts gaseous form. He finds a secret hallway and shifts out of gaseous form and opens the secret door. We see a glowing green circle and Nyrde recognizes it as a teleportation circle.

We back out of the first room and then start opening the secret doors in the other rooms. The second room has a long hallway with a large room at the end of it. There is a large teleportation circle in it. We decide to all use the teleportation circle and get split up. We are able to solve the rooms. We realize that many of the rooms have an element of eight to them. We head back to the second level and start working on solving the puzzles in those rooms.

We start in a room with three octagonal tables with eight chairs at each. We re-arrange the chairs into like groups and find a secret compartment in an organ. Inside the compartment are two small green circles with a left and right handprints.

We decide to rest again in the room. In the morning, Nyrde runs to the organ room and touches the two green circles and disappears. We follow him and appear on another set of stairs. This set of stairs hangs out over nothingness but goes up. We head up the stairs and eventually reach a large room with a pile of gold in it. However, we also see a red ribbon weaving throughout the gold pile. We decide to sneak past the creature in the gold pile, successfully.

Once we sneak past the dragon, we start exploring another level. We encounter a pit, which several of the party fall into. We recover from that and continue exploring. We find four treasure chests, one of which is a mimic. We successfully fight off the mimic. In another room we find two chests under about two feet of water. We find some items in the chests and take them. The chests are watertight and we take one of them.

We open the final room and a conical crystal 18" in length files out at us. It is lit from within and Imtari catches it. We then head back down to the dragon room and find the teleporter away. We go to the final room and see four models of galleons and four models of frigates. We all pick up the four models of the galleons and the ceiling slams down on us. We pick up the frigates and the ceiling comes down even further.