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Trek 21

It has been a trying 2 months without Mathilda, myself and my companions Tevyn, Gregor, Thourhgood are making ends meet but it almost appears as though it is a losing battle. There are to many mouths to feed and not enough money being brought in by the odd jobs we can find. The city while not wishing us ill has done little to help us other than return Mctrouble without much complaint from the gaurd.

This week has started out differently for whatever reason our difficulties have reached the ears of the Church. Each has sent a representative to pick through our children looking for those who appeal to their specific Deity. Less mouths to feed would be a great help at this time, though I wonder how we became known to so many.

Devra Myrgel from the Church of Scyndar has provided a feast and days of food for the children, her Church alone took all in for no other reason than the children were hungry. Tonight we go to the Church of Light for a service hopefully more children will find homes there.

I should have forseen this if the powers of Light knew of our existence, so to may the powers of Darkness. The question before us was simply our Soul or the life of a child, truly no choice at all. We all answered the same none of us willing to sacrifice a child any child let alone one we had helped raise.

Our outward appearance has caused fear in the children, so we leave them in the hands of Margyn, a Healer of Mirin the children summoned when we fell. My companions seek answers from their perspective Gods, while I who have felt no calling in that area sought answers in the Great Library. None of us has been successful.

The voice in my head has told me to seek the Shard, though I feel as it has a malevolent nature to it. Instead of sleeping on the street we ended up back a the Church of Scyndar, Devra has agreed to help us and the children again for no other reason than it is right. Mayhap the powers of Light are calling to me as well.

Devra has allowed us to sign over the orphanage to Svyndar in exchange for money, which we will need if we are to find what has befallen us. It is while staying with Devra 2 things happen. I am visited by my great,great,great grandmother Lautha who leaves me a large sum of gold, and a note that lets me know the Blood of Chiefs is strong with my Family. Secondly we all fall into a deep slumber for a full month cycle when we awakened some power has come alive in each of us.

I feel now I should make a decision before darker powers sink their claws into me and my companions. I will pen 2 letters 1 to my siblings so they know I am fine,and 1 to the Church of Light. Also I will speak to Devra of my rising feeling toward Scyndar.