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Trek 21 Journal 2

It has been three days and One month since the Abduction - that dark day when my siblings and I were wrenched from our family by those evil forces who are yet a mystery to us. I swear, for my family's sake and my own sanity, that I shall not rest until I find a way to end this forced servitude.

I pray to Ellina and Scyndar that Kos can step up and bear his part of the burden now placed on our household. We have all lost so much, especially the young ones who's earliest memories are being separated from their birth-parents and have known only the life of the refugee. Were it in my power, I would not allow us to be split again - another curse on the villans that enslave us.

Were it not for Ellina's grace, I doubt I would have the strength of will to continue without succumbing to the darkness that haunts us. I hope that, with her boon, I shall be able to make certain that my vision - prophetic or not as it may be - a false one. I need only restrain myself to the cause of good and my soul shall be inviolate.

Since our 'rest', we have all been feeling newfound vigor and strange abilities. I pray that these are not manefestations of our Black Marks, but rather, the grace of the Children of Light assisting us in fighting our way through this trial. I feel that there is yet more - just out of my reach. I shall continue to follow this path, until I can see more clearly where it leads. For good or ill - I can no longer lead the life of a simple leather-crafter's son and must adapt to the new challenges facing me.

Ellina guide my path.