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Trek 21 Journal 3

So have spent gold good,have outfitted my friends and me so we go out and seek adventure. How that help us me not know, with new armor and weapon I will be like Orc chiefs of old.

Day 1 I cold wet ,and not happy adventure not what I thought.

Day 2 we make it to Walnut green. Me talk to persons ,about find little girl. Told teamster Dalal might know something , him in next town.

Day 3 get to StoweMark stay at Wet Dog Inn me not see any though. Find Dalal him know little about kidnapping little girl. Ask more people bartender know about kidnapping say to check up hill in cave.Tevyn play music nice for bar,though when done Throughgood have alot of bars money. Bartender make us go stay in barn so dwarfs don't get faces smashed by mad bar people.

Day 4 after cold wet horse stink night we go to cave , adventure easy little girl in first cave we look for. She crazy and attack us out of dark comes big Mole with evil eye power that make us weak and hard to shake off.

Me fight with Mole ,Tevyn wrestles with little girl him not good wrestler not know what keep Throughgood busy him occasionally fire crossbow. Mole have mind power as well as eye and talks ,me talk to him with Axe and finally crush skull,which good cause Tevyn look wooped.

We take girl back to town and rest for day ,me try to help her dreams so she rest good.Then all head to Sorcerer City.