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Journal 4 Trek 21

While in town, the group asked some questions about their plight, and each discovered new clues about their predicament. They discovered that part of their soul was missing, and thier tattoos and resulting shady activities wouldn't go away untill their soul got whole again. They discovered that if they died, they might not be able to return from the evil that had grasped them, so they had to start doing great ammounts of good to redeem theirselves. They were then sent on a quest to investigate a lost group of adventurers, who had left several leagues north and ceased communication. They went to speak to an old wizard, who lived next to the crater that used to be the magic shop, and also had wings. The old wizard gave them a scroll and said "this will take you to where you need to go" and asked the group to leave. The group prepared some things, and then packed up, and read the scroll. They appeared in a Savannah, and saw a great tower in the distance. They went to the tower, and discovered it was an 8 sided tower with plaques on all sides. They entered the tower and found 8 doors each with symbols, and a stairway up. They battled a giant snail with smashing antenna, and eventually caused the beast to retreat into it's shell. The group backed away from the beast, and explored the room. The group peeked inside the doors, and then went up the stairs after being confused by the doors. While climbing the seemingly un-ending stairway, a monster descended from above, and attempted to pick up the group and eat them. The beast was defeated, but not before it knocked 3 members of the group completely off the stairs, and left the fourth dangling over the edge. With the dog, the wizard and the dwarf falling to their deaths, the wizard cast a spell of flight and saved all three falling companions. He then helped pull the archer back up onto the stairs. The group took a sigh of relief and wondered what could be waiting for them at the top of the stairs.