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Journal 5 Trek 21

So after recovering from my ordeal at the hands of the Voice, I was summoned to the church of Andor by Ssaeryl Shadowstar and given a sword and told to seek out my old Orphanage companions . I checked with some of their brothers and sisters and found out that they had set out to be adventurers. So I went to the Great Library up on adventures so that I would not be unprepared when I caught up with them. I found that adventures are a strange and wondrous breed from all races ,who have been chosen for good or evil to work the land,for fame, Gods, or just profit.

After learning all this I geared myself and set out to catch up with the others,I tracked them through the AG to an old mage Ravenwood who was able to teleport directly into the tower the group was exploring . They quickly welcomed me to their group ,as they recognized me from out time together in the orphanage . We set out to explore the tower which the assured me was bigger inside than on the outside. We bumbled about for quit some time ,stumbling through teleport traps,finding strange gambling and dining areas, and I mean this literally because for some reason the group forgot why they were here. So other than a dark appearance to me by the Fey lady Rhiannon , which I will look into . Nothing happened , we finally made it through a door which lead to a place called the Shady Dragon Inn. We stayed at the Inn which we learned traveled from world to world for about a month I struck up a nice relationship with a dwarf lass by the name of Ilmarin who explained the Inn to us. When we finally made it back to our own world Gregor with one of his many ,many powers was able to summon help from a halfling contact who was able to teleport us to the city of Talon ,it is here we begin to plan our next move . Oh and what was learned from all this well one you should always write what you are doing down so you don't forget and two never trust a smiling happy halfling Inn keeper they are all thieves.