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The Avenging of Thurgood's Father

Thurgood, Tevin, and Gregor were relaxing in an inn in Diedra Bay after their adventure in the mountains looking for survivors. Thurgood was eating his breakfast when he overheard a conversation. "Yeah, did you hear about those two refugees who turned up in Talon? They were goin on about some great beast, with razor sharp claws and one eye scratched out. Probably drank too much."

Thurgood's fork and knife dropped from his hands, clattering loudly on the plate. For a moment he was 9 again, on the hunting expedition, watching his father get ripped apart. Intercepting the great beasts claw attack, and watching his uncle stab it in it's eye. Tevin shook him out of his daze.

"Thurgood? Thurgood? Are you okay?"

"We're going to Talon."

"What's in Talon? I'm tired, I'm sleepy...let's stay here a while and rest up." Complained Gregor.

"We're GOING TO TALON." and with that, Thurgood stood up, and went upstairs to collect his things.

Several days later in Talon Thurgood tracked down one of the survivors. He questioned him about the beast and where the attack happened. The refugee circled a section of the map. The circle encompaced the lower half of the mountainious area. A Huge area to cover. Thurgood looked to the skies, and wished to anyone who would hear it. "Where is this beast's hunting grounds? I must find it!"

As if some deity or other all-mighty being heard, the circle drawn by the survivor shrank to an area that encompassed a much smaller area.

The group traveled up the mountain to where the map indicated. Gregor cleverly using a skunk to avoid running into a large camp of Gnolls.

Soon they came to a clearing, and came upon a large wolf-like, house sized beast. The beast smelled them coming, and turned around to face Thurgood. Thurgood got off a good shot and large chunks of flesh were rpped from the beast's hide. This enraged the monster and it charged thurgood, swinging it's razor sharp claws twice and quickly felling the crossbow wielding dwarf. Gregor ran up and healing energy exploded from his body, and Thurgood feigned death as to not be swatted again. Tevin ran to the beast and smashed it with icy fists that crackled and froze bits of monster. Gregor's dog rushed around the beast and began ripping into it's flank. The beast turned and mauled the dog severely, giving Thurgood time to roll back and fire off another painful shot. The dog took another massive hit and flew several feet away. It regained it's footing and ran off from the battle. The beast turned and lunged at Thurgood, giving Tevin and Gregor attacks as it past. It was damaged but lumbered past them like some great child crashing through toys. Thurgood held his bolt before him, expecting some miracle to save him from the onslaught of claws and teeth. Both fighters met and both dealt fatal blows. The beast's claws ripping through Thurgood, and Thurgood's bolt sticking solidly into the chest of the monster. Both fell into a heap. The massive hulk of the beast nearly covering the entirety of the small dwarf's body. Gregor walked quickly around the beast and found Thurgood's boot sticking out, which he touched and healed Thurgood once again. The group rolled the monster off Thurgood. Tears streamed from Thurgood's face as he looked at the beast before him.

"Father, I have avenged you."