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What is renown? It is a system by which you can leverage your name and reputation to get others to do things for you or get things for you. It is specific to the group or person you have earned the renown with, but can be transferred if all parties agree. It is also social class dependent, 5 renown with a peasant will not get you the same as 5 renown with a lord. Danger and risk are also factors that will influence the earning and cashing in of renown.

The 2nd part of renown is notoriety. As you track renown going up and down, you will always keep a note on the highest renown you achieved. This will be your glory day with the group or person that the notoriety is attached to.

With that said most people don't like to owe favors so if they can't pay you, they won't want you around and if they can pay you they are more likely to do it the easiest way they can.

Spending Renown:Here is a break down of what you can use renown for.