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Scott's Game Well were do I begin , it all started A long long Time Ago. Wait that's not it .Really it is When I first moved to California 16 years ago My wife and I had no one to game with having left our Game and Friends back in Florida. As luck would have it while looking through lead pewter miniatures at the local game store . Someone approached me and asked if I played D&D . I answered yes and was invited to call Scott. So I did I called , and the world of Adventure really opened up for me . Sure I had fun games before but nothing was as thought out and complete as Scott's game and world was. Scott was extremely friendly, invitingcomplete strangers into his house to play. Both me and my wife played at the time it was wonderful up and down of character growth development and in my case sadly sometimes Death. I had a great time socializing , and over time Scott has become one of my best friends not only in gaming but in real life as well. But I digress I personally couldn't recommend any game more than Scott's just for scope feel , and just over all playable fun .It's a game that I have been involved with for 16 years , and will hopefully be involved until I'm called to roll a d20 in the beyond. All I can say is If given the chance to play a game that Scott is running take it . Who knows maybe in some quiet Tavern you could run into a gold eyed Dark Elf and his Gnoll bodyguard, if so take a minute and ask him about Worlds before yours...Thomas Jakob

Scott is hands-down the best GM I’ve ever played with. When I joined Scott's group in California I had been out of tabletop role-playing games for many years and I hadn't even looked at a book or picked up a d20 since the days of AD&D 2nd Edition. I had to learn all the new systems and Scott and the group as a whole were extremely patient, helpful, and fun. It was a big group with some newbie 20-somethings like me and also a bunch of old veterans who had been playing with Scott for years. Scott is welcoming and friendly to all kinds of people and we all bonded quickly.

Scott is funny, entertaining, and very creative with his storylines. Role-playing is the primary focus in Scott’s game, which I loved. There’s plenty of combat, but you are most encouraged and rewarded for meaningful character interactions. As a result, I got very emotionally attached to my characters and to the others in the party. Big events in the story were just as exciting or heartbreaking as any movie or TV show. Game night was the highlight of my week.

In regards to GenIsys, Scott’s unique system, I am sure you will enjoy it. I was skeptical at first because I thought it might be amateurish or lopsided or something, but it was wonderful and I can honestly say is my favorite tabletop system. Characters are infinitely customizable in ways that published games don’t offer. You can really create fascinating individuals instead of cookie-cutter PCs. There are no classes. Magic is handled in a unique way that seems…hard to use this word when talking about magic, but it seems more realistic. Like if magic was real, that’s how it would actually work. Overall, GenIsys is a complicated system and it will take you longer to learn than most games, but it’s worth it. Once I got the hang of it, I felt like I was driving a racecar and all the other gaming systems I played before were bicycles with training wheels.

When Scott left California, our gaming group tried to keep going. It was all the same cool guys, but sessions were just never the same. Scott was the cement that held us together both in and out of character. You people in Idaho are really lucky to have him...Colin