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Countries of Aviron

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The Dwarves are mainly from Regnum Eon, the Mammoth Mountain area. There are many Dwarven cities and mines there. Dwarf Metallurgy is second to none. Their application of metallurgy would rival earth of the 21st century. They just don't have huge factories to mass produce their products.


The Elves live in the Fertile lands and they share a small portion of their lands with the centaurs. They have little contact with the dwarves. Elves live in cities built in, on and around the trees. They prefer working with wood and their Tomahawk that is both hammer and axe is every elf's favorite tool.

There are 16 elf houses that are most prominent. They are broken down into three major spheres of influence. Each with the five most prominent houses in that sphere are represented in the Elf Council. The spheres are Warrior, Religious/Magical, and finally Artificer. The Warrior house has 5 houses that take on their unit’s name. They are the Night Riders, Moon Shields, Wind Swords, Night Walkers, and Fire Wings. The Religious/Magical houses are Darhyri, Turvyri, Dukat, Ashyn, and Delynn. Finally the Artificer Houses are Virenn, Zilatt, Duryn, Viryss, and Insyvil. The 16th house is house Nírandálë. Queen Shirill Nírandálë presides over the council. Shirill has a daughter Eldalote and a son Tal.

The Jotnar are giant size people who live in the wet lands. They are a matriachal society. They reside in the western part of the Fertile Lands. Their community falls within the Bravari Imperium but there is only a very loose relationship between the two. The Bravari contract with the Jotnar to build their ships.

The Cimmerian Elves are nomadic and have no homeland here. Choosing to travel and see this world and what it might offer them.

The humans keep everyone trading and producing and move most of the worlds food and other products.

The Halflings; After their near genocide they have scattered across Aviron. Their agreed on home is Summerwell in Eleneium.

The Gnomes;Another race near extinxition has found refuge among the elves.

The Goblins;After the Jidarian War, they have found little to keep them friendly to the other races, they do get unlimited food though from all the refuse of the cities around the world and they are known to be immune, like the Orcs, to the Zot. So the good races keep up at least tollerable relations with them.