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Aviron Campaign Guide 1st 3,000 Years

In the first recorded year, the Va-Kesh emerged from the fruit of the tree of life. In a harsh desert island, they began their lives. They quickly adjusted to the heat, and they learned to plan ahead for both food and water as the years went by. They would meet as a community and make plans. They moved all over Fizzbin island and lived their lives. When they found the coast, they found the island was more tolerable, and they found fresh water and food was more abundant. Their number was growing, and it was a fortuitous find. This is believed to be the first city in Aviron, it is called Talos, in the Va-Kesh tongue, it means home. Some of the Va-Kesh don’t stay and continue to wander the desert

In the legend of the Va-Kesh fruit coming to Aviron; it is said that it rolled down the purple edge of a rainbow before landing on Fizzbin Island, and this tainted their skin purple.

As the first city was starting on Fizzbin Island, and first generation of Va-Kesh were passing away from old age, the Jotnar were emerging. Their home is quite different from the Va-Kesh. They landed in a wide and wet marshland that include fens, swamps, and a bog or two. The Jotnar being tall, helped them navigate the wetlands, and they found life there easy as they adapted quickly to the watery environment. Their skin turned to a color that was similar to the water and they developed physical characteristics that helped them in their water realm. They used the large trees to create homes above the water. Although not truly a city in the urban sense, they established their community in what is now the Groven Wetlands and their small community has only changed a few times over the centuries it is called Lochglen. Its foundation dates back to the year 122.

The second generation of Jotnar was having children when the dwarves arrived. Their fruit landed in the volcano of a small island off the northeast coast of Regnum Eon. There was a subsequent cave in, and the dwarves were buried alive. That was in the year 225. It took 105 years for them to dig their way out. They found small crevasses, tunnels and made many of their own. They finally found a cavern they could call home. It was located in the Mammoth Mountains. The day they arrived they called the cavern Kandar, and this was now their home. This was in the year 330. The dwarves have a tradition commemorating the journey, when coming of age. The would-be adult dwarf will take some dirt and chew on it and spit it out to remind them of what the first dwarves had to go through to find a home.

The world was quiet while these three races grew old and became what they were to become. The dwarves with a slight Closter phobia after being buried alive found and built three more cities, Moria, Siginzar, and Starshine. They also built boats to travel the underground waterways. All the while, the Jotnar were building homes and boats of their own. The First Fathers of the dwarves pass away and while five generations of Jotnar pass away. The Va-Kesh begin to study the stars, oceans, and weather. They thought about things and are studying how the world around them works. Each of the three races thought themselves alone.

Then the world all at once found humans scattered all over the world. This was around the year 700. The myth is; that while Dara was on one of her travels. She threw a rock to see if she could deflect a falling fruit’s trajectory. When the rock hit the fruit, it burst, and humans flew out in every direction. They landed in various locations all over the world. She asked Scyndar and Andor to help her fix the broken creatures. But after all, their work they were still damaged. The humans now have shorter lives and have wanderlust, much like Dara. The humans listened to Scyndar speak about tradition and family and listen to Dara talk about the road and that every rule can be better, every law has an exception. Andor teaches them of death since it will be on them soon and they will need to prepare. It was these first humans that saw Dara and Scyndar fall in love. Andor takes an interest in the humans, they will live many lives before the other races are reborn once.

With the humans now everywhere. They did not have the benefit of large groups to start their race and be protected while they grew. They built communities to better protect themselves and to trade the different things they gathered and produced with other communities. Many skills were shared, and their societies not being limited by a type of geography was spreading across the many lands.

Although the birth of the Colubrine is greatly debated, it is said that they too were born of the Tree of Life. The legend or myth (depending on who tells the story), says that Glasya was able to taint the next fruit that fell; using some of the secrets, she learned from her time in the Palace of Light. This tainted fruit landed in a remote marshland now called the Valley of Misery. The Colubrine emerge here. This was sometime in the late 700s, but no one seems to know for sure. The humans were the first race to meet them, and it was not a good meeting. The colubrine, looking like snakes, the humans instantly thought them hostile and venomous. Whether this meeting created the adversarial nature between the Colubrine and the rest of the world is also unknown. But this animosity has lasted for three millennia now.

The Legend of the gnomes birth still has a lot of lore that permeates the gnomish culture. It goes like this: Quitari is playing his great harp for Allyra while sitting on a branch of the Tree of Life. He plays a song that fills Allyra’s spirit with wonder. The vibrations from the harp loosen a fruit, and it falls toward Aviron. The fruit lands on Dara’s head and then to the ground. Quitari and Allyra start laughing hysterically. In her anger, Dara kicks the fruit away, and it lands in the bowl of a tree. Allyra makes a hasty exit, she has no desire to face Dara’s anger. The gnomes emerge from the fruit. This was in the southern are of the Fertile Lands, they called the forest Gnome Home. It later became the Black Shore Forest.

As the gnomes emerge, they see Dara both angry and beautiful. Now it is said that every gnome when they are first born, sees Dara’s face, and this is why all gnome babies smile just after their birth. It is a sad omen for a gnome child to cry right after its birth. The gnomes are short because they bounced off Dara’s head. They are filled with inspiration hearing Quitari’s harp as they were emerged.

Finally, in the year 888, the elves emerged from their golden fruit. It was like they stepped out of a carriage and arrived. Their fey heritage gave them a preferred birth. They did not miss a step. They began weaving their magic into the forest, assembling both magic and nature to build their homes and works spaces.

Over the next 100 years as the races grew and the first races to meet were the humans and the Jotnar, they grew to be friends quickly. The humans needed wood and the Jotnar were capable woodsman. The Jotnar enjoyed the many things the humans brought to trade from around the land.

The next meeting was the humans and the Colubrine. That meeting did not go well. The human instinct to fear snakes made them apprehensive and fearful. The Colubrine quickly felt the human’s fear and assumed they were weak. They tried to press them to work for them. Instead the humans ran, and rumors quickly spread.

The humans then met the Gnomes and were excited to meet such a happy and interesting people. The Gnomes enjoyed the human spirit of barter and they quickly became engaged in many dealings and they became fast friends.

The humans then met the dwarves at the Mountains edge of the Mammoth Mountains. Both were weary groups and neither had the time for the other. They greeted and parted and had few dealings.

About this same time the Elves had wandered out of their homeland to look around and found a small community of humans. Their fey nature made them suspicious and they spied the humans for a long time before revealing themselves. The elves looked down on these very primitive humans and the Elves had no desire to trade, thinking What could these primitives offer us? After a brief meeting the humans were mesmerized by the elves, but the elves were far less impressed and decided to go home while the young race matured. They figured 1,000 years aught to be enough. Any incursion into the Elf Lands were at first scared off and then chased off. The rumors spread fast among the humans that the Elves were not all that friendly.