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The Crown Wars: A group of elves (The Vyshaantar) rebel against the Proclamations of the Elvyn Court and leave. They head north to wage war against their brothers. The war lasts 40 years. The Vyshaantar are defeated and exiled. They find a new home in the Valley of Misery. The rumor says they have left their land and now live on the plane of Shadow. Elves from the shadow world are Moon Elves. Whether they are the start of the race or adopted by an already existing race of Moon elves, no one knows for sure.


Many kingdoms, acknowledging an international guild of Adventurer’s, sign a charter. This charter acknowledges the guild and sets forth its rights and privileges.

The Most feared black dragon of history, Ancalagon the Black, was the first black dragon and the most feared of all the dragons. An army of the most powerful men and women of the world unifed to put him down. There were wizards and warriors, clerics and rogues, and all manner brave folks. A thousand died but the dragon was destroyd.


A dark path of monk type warriors: The Black Palm Brotherhood is founded.

The Crafter's of Magic (Guild) was formed in the year 2642.

Order of Ardyndrill was formed for those witht the gift, in the year 2677.


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