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Chaos is Coming

Six-Feet Under

Player Character God Race Class Note Alignment Age
Cody Milo Lindenbrook Dara Halfling Bard I am not that kind of a bard CG 24
Colin Farren Ficklefur The Keeper Forest Gnome Warlock Turner of the Seasons NG 36
Scooter Vorik Flinthood Scyndar Mt Dwarf Wizard Mining Guild CG 77
Seth Goldar Lightstone Tylora Hill Dwarf Cleric Partaker of the halfling leaf NG 37
Tom Pyntle Andor/Scyndar 1/2 Orc Cleric Grave Cleric CG 23

Chain Sword
Storm Fury


Player Character God Race Class Note
Dave Stull Elric Highlander Bahamut Dwarf Holy Warrior Had Brain sucked out.
Tom Erky GhostFlower Rhiannon Forest Gnome Rogue Died at 25
David Li Earendil FoHammer Tylora Half-Elf Holy Warrior Went in search of his lover. Age 37
Eric Lygo Braenek Allyra Hill Dwarf Barbarian / Druid Had Brain sucked out.