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The Orphans

As kids just ready to enter your teens your parents conspired together to get you otu of the city you were living in. An older Gnome Justin Firlog, a follower of the dead god Mysteria helped you sneak out of the city of Raven's Cross, your home.

Raven's Cross was once a beautiful city, as the older folk in town tell it. A pround heritage of over 438 years. Then Ileena Goldmoon showed up. A woman with white eyes. but when she looked at you there was a terror that rose up in you, that you could not control. She would know things before they happen and she would seem to know what was on your mind. She scared you a lot but whatever you felt was nothing to the fear that drove your parents to send you away.

Justin took you north between Dwight's Dwemour and the Midnight Forest. Justin told you stories about some of the creatures that live each. Mostly to scare you, you think. When you arrived at the north Coast you stayed a few hundred yards away from an old abandoned castle. As the story goes it used to be an elvyn castle from over 1,000 years ago. The years of stories tell of ghosts and all sorts of creatures that live there. You have not heard nor seen anyting the 3 days you camped nearby. Even while Justin was scouting and you all snuck off to take a look. Your own fear was kept you alert. but after an hour of going around the outside of the castle and then getting up the courage to step inside the courtyard, you each looked around a bit but nothing ever happened.

After the 3 days a dwarf that justin introduced as his brother Gurmir Khirâd. He said he must leave you and Gurmir would take you Cassaar, a city in North Pelen. There Gurmir left you with a woman named Mathilda Cynric. She owned a huge house and she had several children in and around her estate. Many helped with house work and kept things going. As time went on you learned that she used to be a noble but has been exilled her. She has taken up the task of helping children escape the evil clutches of those now in power in the country of the Tower of the Pearl. The country from which your city belongs. Cassaar is somewhat nicer but over the last 2 years Mathilda worries more and more as she tells it, the darkness has come here now also.

As you are teens now she puts you in charge and asks you to watch over the kids as she arranges to take you all to Eleniumm and the legendary City of Sorcerer's.

You arrive in Sorcerer's City. Mathilda sets up a home again for you and the other children. Now that you are older, you are in charge of watching the other children. For several months you live and wander the huge city. There are many tales and many wonderful things to see here. The gateway to the land of Regnum Eon.

One afternoon you hear of a skirmish that involves your mistress and she is never heard from again.

There are 36 kids of various ages. You are among the oldest in the group. It is here in September that the game will start.