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Leg Eaters

The fabric of time and space ripped quietly. The new gods slipped in like a thief in the night, they quickly pulled a land mass from the swirling ooze and nether of the world. With power unbridled they began to throw weather and geography together like a drinking house wife picking out clothes, deserts next to snow laden plains, mountains next large swamps. Then for a while the gods walked around really just walked a lot, until one in a fit of lonely delusion and masochistic rage hacked of his own tail and threw across the Land. Springing from this bizarre event was the birth of the race of Kobolds. They bread and changed rapidly a new race springing up with every change in weather or location they lived. The other gods saw this and like drunken gardeners, they began to throw races around like seeds of grass. The races grew in this fertile garden, but most had no sense of being, just like those gods who created them. So lacking any focus they turned to war, "oh what fun", war must be, because they all liked it so much and they made war against each other at all times. The sounds of Death and the smell of blood could be heard no matter where on the land you were. Why, the gods liked the sounds of war so much, they even gave animals intelligence so they too could participate in war, death and diplomacy.

In the regular world the true Gods woke up after their long sleep and saw what was happening in the world, they all sat down at the table and watched as the new gods destroyed and used their creations like spoiled children use toys. This angered them greatly and so with a collective effort they fixed the problem. The fix was 2 fold: First, they gathered the new gods in a ball and pushed them back out the rip from which they came. Second: They wiped all sentient life on the land .This may seem harsh but since all the races knew of that land knew was war and death, the gods felt they shouldn't be a loud to corrupt the other races of their world.

That land is now known as Khemti. A barren wasteland of desert and rock. There is barely after 900 years barely any life there. It is said though that great treasures of arms and armor can be found there if one can go there, survive and return.

As all began to return to normal things felt good and right again. Except in a little corner where a new evil began to Stir.