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The Ravens

You all know the Town Sherrif as he makes it his business to know about his neighbors. Ghorugh Moss is a halfling with a great likable manner and a harrasing personality if he does not like you. Ghorugh is tall for a halfling standing nearly 4' tall, he has white wavey collar length hair and copper eyes.

Our Humble group adventurerer's each looking for something, but not sure quite how to find it are the inn having some food and drink and just enjoying what they believe to be a string of good restful eventings at the inn. Unbeknownst to them nearby a Cleric has had a dream featuring a blind woman with milky white eyes. What the woman tells him will change your lives forever. 

The Crossroads Inn

There is a symbol of the local lord Mayor above the door as you enter! The ambiance is fancy, the prices are reasonable, and the clientele is exclusive. It seats 25 patrons in the common room and has space for 12 in a private back room. The inn has 16 guest rooms and has 6 currently vacant. The innkeeper, who is sometimes a foolish man, is also hiding his disease.

There is a game of roulette, just ending. 

Room Cost:

Entertainment: Tonight's entertainment is a dreadful Modern Band.