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Nomads of Terrene

After being cursed by Aluin the Witch queen, the party is offered an opporunity to leave the area and break the curse. Alex Griffin sends the party to a mysterious house and says that will break her curse. But the other curse of the Eye remains.

Now handed severay mysterous quests by the house, they have undertaken a voyage to Rengum Eon to see where these quests will take them.

Trek 25B

A long hallway of cells over a mile long with prisoners or guests maybe. Your ghostly guardsman hardly notice your presence. Outside your cells, a 20' wide corridor with a 20' drop from the cells to the floor and an 10'rise to the ceiling. The walls are all a solid greyish black slate, solid.

At either end rooms with hour glasses. To your left a 1/2 mile or so are hour glasses with sand falling. To the right just over 1/2 mile a nearly identical room with hour glasses and their sand is going up.