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The story below has underlined sections. This denotes the story has more detail under the specific God it mentions in the Tome of the Gods.

Creation Story of the Gods and other Entities

Age of Creation

The Woman of Gold is the only entity known before the gods and it is said she created the gods with her Silver Pipe. Although we must admit here that the Entities “Four Great Pillars seem to have been around then as well. She then awakened them with a golden dust.

The first gods she created were Allyra, Ellina, Mysteria, Neriah, Rhiannon, Tylora, Ahk Andor, Dural, Quitari, Sivan. and Scyndar. They Explore a vast empty universe with only the four great Pillars standing silently at the universe’s edge, and a huge tree driving up through the center of the universe.

Then for no reason, one of the four great Pillars move. He approaches the center of the universe with a brown staff in hand. He shakes the staff and creates millions of spheres, cold, dead floating around the cosmos! He returns to his place, and the second Pillar steps forward, and she shakes her staff of fire. From it falls small orbs of fire to light and warms the spheres. She returns to her place. The Pillar steps forth and shakes her staff of water, the water washes over each sphere creating oceans and rivers. As she returns to her place the water is still dripping from her staff; the water freezes in the cold of space, and it creates a vast Sea of Glass across the cosmos. Then the last of the four great pillars blows an enormous breath, and his winds blow across the cosmos, filling each world with air.

The woman of gold sprinkles some gold dust across the universe, and an invisible green stem from the tree attaches itself to each of the new worlds, bringing them each life.

The Woman of Gold ventures out onto the center of the Sea of Glass. She kneels and plays her silver pipe. She plays a haunting melody that echoes across the vastness of the universe. Fruits of different sizes and shapes appear on the branches of the great tree of life. Additionally, a fruit grows on the roots of the great tree far beneath the Sea of Glass. This fruit quickly opens and bears a male of great power. He looks up and sees shadows above him but cannot find a way to join those above. He longs to be with those in the light above. As he peers up, he can see the translucent glow of the worlds through the Sea of Glass. He can make out each green phosphorescent stem touching each world. He is envious, and this begins to drive him. He soon becomes jealous, and the envy and jealousy grow and feed his angry wrath. His anger becomes contempt, and so he begins to create a new world unto himself. He produces several males in his likeness all tall and fierce. The woman of gold tries to stop him, but he shuns her. This new being takes on the name, Asmodeus, God of All.

Further off in a dark corner is also born from in the roots of the great tree, a young woman. She awakens alone and fears the darkness. She is beneath the Sea of Glass with no way to get out; she seeks a place to hide. She studies the roots of the tree and learns some of its secrets, including a way out. This young girl has long black straight hair and pale orbs for eyes.

Music begins to reverberate through the cosmos. It is, at first, gentle and soft but soon becomes powerful and sweeping in its rhythms. This solitary woman looks out from her dark hiding place, as the music fires her soul. The lone woman names herself, Lilith. Lilith finds some courage in the rhythm and dons a seductive dress. She ventures out onto the sea of glass and soon comes across Dural and his company competing with one another. She dances with the men and seduces each of them. The six women arrive and watch for a moment. They see Dural and his company falling into a euphoric state, and the men begin to fight over Lilith. The six women decide to help these men and choose to fight fire with fire and disrobe. Each begins to dance and seduce one of the males. The six women drive off the seductress Lilith, but Lilith is already bearing six children.

After the men recover from Lilith’s enchantment, they each share their story. There is peace among these twelve. After planning for hundreds of years, they begin to create things throughout the universe. They try to create life on many worlds, but it never works out. They then turn to the fruit of the tree and try to manipulate it to their will and the universe starts to take on a life of its own. However, the 12 soon lose interest and decide to seek out more experiences.

Andor goes off to seek out Mareesa in the Twilight Lands and learn more about death, sleeping, and sisterhood. He finds that she is long since dead. Andor goes in search of others1 who may know of these things of death or who are dead themselves.

A Woman of Emerald Green steps onto the surface of a dark world and sings. The 12 notice her, and the women realize she is the seventh woman of their group. As she completes her song, the others greet her, her name is Mysteria. The 13 then talk for years and share much with Mysteria. Mysteria tells many tales, but there are some, she does not say.

Lilith and Asmodeus forge an unholy alliance, and Lilith seduces Asmodeus into having his five males attack the Gods. Then they can take their females from them and have them to themselves. Asmodeus tells her there is no way through the Sea of Glass. Lilith shows him of a secret path and convinces Asmodeus and his minions that they can have all the women. Asmodeus agrees. Lilith’s agenda.

The universe begins to flash, and there is a primal rhythm that resonates everywhere in the cosmos. It is powerful and seductive. Asmodeus and his minions' sweep in and, attempt to take away the women. Neriah takes up arms and quickly sets to defend the others. She dispatches two minor servant creatures. No one notices, but Mysteria is gone. A fight ensues, but Asmodeus’ minions are defeated, but when Dural is ready to strike down Asmodeus, the Woman of Gold appears and comes between them. She attempts to bring a truce. Asmodeus breaks the Woman of Gold’s silver pipe out of spite. Dural losing the advantage is only able to drive off Asmodeus. Dural wipes away the golden tears from the face of the Woman of Gold. She offers him her broken pipe. Dural takes the silver pipe, and he reforges it. As Dural works, the tears of the Woman of Gold fall onto his hands as he works.

Quitari after hearing all the rhythms find his heart is racing. He wants to learn what made this happen. He begins to create musical instruments, but not one of them affects him the way that primal rhythm did. He calls forth others to help. They work together to create every manner of musical instrument. He sees many of them have done an excellent job, and as he looks them over, he considers each has something beyond the craft. They have created the instrument from inside themselves according to what their Spirit felt at the time. Quitari learns the secret of great music. Quitari begins to see and feel the talents among those he meets.

The 12 Gods dance in celebration of their victory. The Woman of Gold quietly departs, and the Gods share a golden moment of happiness. Ellina allows Dural to continue to court her. The 12 gods wonder about shy Mysteria, why was she absent and why did Asmodeus attempt such an attack on them? They conclude that they are Gods (Stewards) in this vast universe. They must protect it and themselves. They decide that Asmodeus and his minions, although created the same as they are different.

Lilith after giving birth to six children goes to Asmodeus, to console him.  Asmodeus’ defeat fills him with ire for Lilith, and he attacks her. She in her desperation tells him of six able children of the Gods that she has that can defeat Dural and his company. Asmodeus spares her, curious about the origin of these six. Lilith offers them to him for a promise, to have his protection. Asmodeus contemplates the offer and finally agrees. He takes the six children of Lilith as his own. They learn of the upcoming joining of Dural and Ellina. They conceive a plan to capture Dural on his wedding day and kill the rest of the men.

The joining is a joyful event. Ellina and Dural chose the place of their joining; it will be on The World of Clouds. The 13 were all there, and many creatures from all the worlds come to witness the event. The Gods give gifts to Dural and Ellina. Tylora provides the couple with matching crowns with all the wisdom of the 13. Andor gives them each, a ring that their love abides them forever. Dara gives them each, a pair of matching walking shoes so no matter where they go, they travel as one. Mysteria gives them The Book of Secrets. Neriah gives them each, a weapon to defend their home. Quitari gives them his best nine entertainers to entertain them whenever they desire. Rhiannon gives them each, a never-ending pouch of Magi-Dust. Scyndar builds a great Palace1 for them atop the tree of life, a place that they can call home. It has a hearth for warmth and a bed for love. This palace is a warm, joyous place to raise their children. Sivan puts a vast sea around their palace. The 11 agree to give Dural the mantle of leadership.

The wedding day was nearing its end, when the forces of contempt swarm in and restrain Dural; in the confusion, Lilith manages to poison Ellina secretly. After seeing his friends in peril, Dural offers to surrender his mantle of leadership if Asmodeus leaves the others unharmed. Asmodeus agrees, and his minions lead Dural off. They take Dural to the underworld. They torture Dural, and he is the victim of dark and terrifying rituals, performed by Lilith. Asmodeus arrogantly takes the Mantle of Leadership and dons it. Asmodeus then turns and eradicates Dural. Dural vanishes in a flash of golden light. Evil revels in their triumph and they parade around their prize. While they rejoice, the Woman of Gold begins to play her pipe. The Gods watch solemnly. Then in a burst of golden light, Dural explodes onto the Sea of Glass filled with a golden fire. Dural finds a secret path through the Sea of Glass and challenges the Lord of contempt. They battle for many days. Soon all the Gods join in the fight and, this time, Dural, and his allies bring Asmodeus and his associates to account. A sudden scream from the daughter of Quitari, Darda confuses everyone. Lilith takes Asmodeus and their children to one of her hiding places beneath the Sea of Glass.

Dural return's safe, Ellina comes joyously to celebrate with her husband, and as they kiss, she falters and collapses in his arms. The poison has found its mark. Dural becomes so stricken that he goes mad. He begins to create creatures to find, hunt down & kill the Lord of contempt, Lilith, and their host. Dural, as he places his mantle back around his waist, commands the 11 Gods to do the same. The First Great War begins. Both sides start creating creatures with incredible powers and magic to make war on the enemy. The war rages on for the next 300 years.

Age of the Gods

Ellina’s Wisdom and the end of the First Great War

During the war, each of the Gods visits Ellina while she lays unconscious in her room. They take turns, never leaving her alone. While the Gods visit Ellina, they tell her their stories as she sleeps. They tell her of their travels, their discoveries, the war, and their secrets. They all knew, Ellina being a God, could not die, but what is worse for a God is that a God faces only one end, oblivion! All of this time Ellina is dreaming. Ellina over the years became the focus of all the Gods, a center of their attention, a rallying cry for their revenge. The Gods are unable to cure her, turn their sorrow into wrath and attack the forces of Contempt wherever they find them. Creatures die at their whim, and many worlds are scared, and their beauty ravaged.

The Woman of Emerald Green appears and walks around the entirety of the edge of the Sea of Glass and sings a sad song, a song of loss and love. Quitari follows the woman and marvels at her voice. He sees her spirit, feeling each note, and he experiences all that she is feeling. Quitari wants to find more ways for the spirit to experience this. Quitari leaves to seek out the ways of the spirit.

Neriah sets up training camps for the many creatures to teach them to fight as best they could. She has Dural’s Smiths forge weapons custom to each beast fighting in the war. She then instructs several to pass on what they know. Her forces become legendary in tactics and strategy, and the troops of Contempt loathe any confrontation with the forces of Neriah. Over the decades of battle, Neriah earns the title of War Mistress.

Ahk wonders why Mysteria goes missing all the time. He thinks she must have some secret, and she is not sharing. He convinces himself that Mysteria has some secret to help Ellina. Ahk seeks her out traveling to hundreds of worlds1 trying to find Mysteria. Ahk returns from his journey to find Mysteria at the Palace of light. Ahk confronts Mysteria and after hours of attempting to interrogate her; Mysteria leaves the palace of the Gods never to return.

The forces of contempt change their strategy and begin looking for ways to disconnect worlds from the Tree of Life. The first world to fall was Cralel. Its stem cut from the Tree of Life. When the evil forces cut the stem, every living thing on that world died instantly. The world then fell from the tree and crashed into the Sea of Glass in a brilliant explosion. Allyra saw the world destroyed; she was devastated by the complete lack of regard for life. Many more worlds fell, and within the destruction of each world, she found the remains of many creatures. Allyra finds an entire species wiped out. Prior when war ravaged the worlds, Allyra would touch them, and life would begin again. It takes decades for the world to reach its glory again. However, to see any world removed from the tree of life and utterly destroyed was unconscionable. Nothing survived this kind of devastation. Everything from the smallest microbe to the most massive beast dies.

Rhiannon goes off in search of the Woman of Gold. She wants to learn her role in this universe. Rhiannon finds the Woman of Gold sitting, playing her pipe and many creatures are dancing around her. She is laughing and giggling as the animals do all sorts of tricks. For hours, the Woman of Gold plays and animals of all kinds came to hear her, and they would perform tricks for her. She seems to delight in this simple life. Rhiannon reflects over the adversity of the last 500 years and sees how she too could enjoy a simple life such as this. The Woman of Gold looks over at Rhiannon and plays a tune of joy for her, and Rhiannon finds great relief from all the stress of war. The Woman of Gold sits at Rhiannon’s feet and asks her to recount her life. As Rhiannon does so, the Woman of Gold’s mood changes and by the end of the story, she stands up and says, “I must go to Dural before it is too late." She hands Rhiannon her pipe and says it is yours, but do not use it until you are queen.

Dural near the 500th year of the war is leading the war effort, Andor comes to him and tells him he must forgive himself for this. This vendetta is not bringing Ellina back, and you need to think about that. His anger abated slightly; Dural comes home to work on a cure for Ellina. Dural is working to find an antidote seeks out every plant, animal, and substance to create an antidote to the poison. His wife needs his help, and he must focus on that task. Dural tries for 500 years and cannot cure her. Afterward, the Woman of Gold finds him lost in his crafting. She whispers to him for 300 days and then kisses him on the cheek. She puts his hand on Ellina’s breast, and the Woman of Gold vanishes, forever. Ellina’s eyes slowly open as she awakens. Ellina tells her husband of a horrible nightmare. She tells him great darkness will befall the universe and even we; the Gods will someday need the help of a simple group of “MORTALS” to survive.

Ellina rises to see that her home is complete and waiting for her. She sees her friends, and they look at her strangely, but she has a warm smile filled with the knowledge and the wisdom to keep most of it to herself. She tells her husband, “It is time to find Asmodeus; he has been building a great palace beneath the Sea of Glass." Many look astonished asking how this is possible that she knows this. Ellina continues, saying that Lilith is now giving birth to an army that can pass its borders. As Ellina speaks, many of the Gods look at her knowing that she heard their words during her sleep. Ellina makes no mention of where she learns and gives no hint she ever will. Nevertheless, Ellina’s smile and newfound strength provide hope and purpose to the Gods.

The Gods marshal their full force and head under the Sea of Glass to the fortress of Asmodeus. He has his troops hidden everywhere in the deep dark places, and the Gods lose many on their host to his forces. When they arrive, they see every manner of twisted creature that the Gods have created. They also see many new ones. The Gods begin to imbue their host with powers tremendous and horrible to complete the work ahead. The war drags on, and both sides destroy countless creatures. Some creatures either maimed or insane with the ravages of war run into the darkness lost. Some have disfigurements but are still able to fight. When the battle reached the inner Palisades, the six male Gods meet the children that Lilith boar them and they could not destroy them. Asmodeus laughed as he told them that their compassion would be the destruction of all that is above. He commands the Gods to leave his realm. The Gods tempered by the harshness of the war hesitate, again Asmodeus laughs at how easy it is for good to falter even in the face of victory.

Dural steps forward and says, “You may have stolen our children, but I look into their eyes, and they hesitate as well; it seems none of us wish to know oblivion." Ellina begins to speak in a soft and pure voice, and now all eyes turn towards her, “Asmodeus is it not your wish to live with us in the palace of light?” Asmodeus ponders the question and looks over his minions and realizes that no, he does not want to be like the Gods. Asmodeus then speaks, “I and my…friends here would like to live in the Palace of Light, but you know as well as I, that it would not go well if we did. I would have to have some accord that we, when there, will have the same rights and protections."

Before Dural could object, Ellina says, “Then we shall have such an accord." Ahk shall create this agreement; he shall be fair, and he has eloquence for such things, agreed?”  Asmodeus agrees. The Gods decide to present the Accord when complete.

Ahk writes The Great Accord. It outlines the rules that the Gods shall follow. Ahk brings forth a Great Accord. It has 13 laws. The Gods agree to the accord.

     It begins:

  1. No God or his forces may attempt to eradicate any other God.
  2. It forbids the Destruction of any world of the Tree of Life, either above or below.

Ahk takes the accord to the underworld and presents it to Asmodeus, who after reading it, he smiles diabolically and agrees to it. Ahk tells him that laws are absolute and do not bend. Asmodeus took on a somber, yet arrogant posture. He tells Ahk, “I would not have it any other way, brother."

As Asmodeus signs the Accord, the host of contempt moves to their new home in the Palace of Light.

Peace for a time

Asmodeus bends every law his brother wrote. Soon it became apparent that neither side could agree on what was best for the life they had created. Some believe war, hardship, and chaos promote the best growth; some feel peace and spiritual enlightenment is the way. Soon arguments became feuds, and disputes became wars. The worlds begin fighting among themselves. Then again, the Gods start “helping” their forces, granting mighty powers to win the day. The Second Great War decimates whole races. No one destroys any worlds, yet the two armies lay waste to many, their beauty stripped away by the ravages of magic and war.

Asmodeus sends spies into the chambers of the other Gods. There they learn many secrets and Asmodeus, and his forces do well. However, he believes the other Gods must be spying on him. He moves his headquarters back to his Palace in the underworld.

Allyra commissions many to watch the worlds on the tree of life and make sure they are safe from the kind of destruction committed in the first Great War. The Great accord is precise, but she feels caution is prudent.

Neriah’s vigilance pays off as she uncovers the spies in the Palace of Light. She quickly roots out all the spies. She casts all the spies out onto the Sea of Glass to fend for themselves. Neriah seems disturbed that the spies got in, in the first place. Neriah starts looking for a traitor in her forces1.

As Asmodeus watches the destruction of his forces, and he calls forth his final assault, to attack the troops taking rest on the Twilight Lands. Among those, resting was Vilik the Ogre. Vilik, a disciple of Ahk, has led many battles, and now enjoys his 3rd visit to this world. Vilik enjoys Mysteria’s world and helps her when he visits. Asmodeus’ forces arrive on the Twilight Lands, and Mysteria tells her troops to go into hiding. Vilik is helping the fey into their hiding places as the battle-tired forces resting here and Asmodeus’ forces square off. The battles rage on for months, and Mysteria watches the destruction of her world of peace, magic, and beauty. The powerful magic devastates the realm. When she could take the pain no more, she then stepped out on the field of battle between the opposing forces. In a great cry of pain, her eyes filled with bloody tears. She screams, and Vilik comes to her side. The bloody teardrops fall to the ground. The world shuttering under Mysteria’s pain and the world begins to split in two. Vilik sees the ground cracking beneath her feet, and he sees the kobolds under the ground hiding. He reaches for them as ½ the world slips away kobolds and all. The magic of the realm is so powerful that even within its final moments the bloodied tears of Mysteria fell touching the debris as the world split. The magic of the realm touched by Mysteria’s tears creates the great dragons. Countless dragons fly off in every direction. One such tear hits five dragons as they form, and it creates a huge beast with a terrible visage. As the world tears in two Mysteria stand's her ground calm, then the land gives way beneath her, and she disappears into the great rift and is gone. Half of the Lands of Twilight slip away taking the enemy forces, Mysteria’s Kobolds and a five-headed dragon1, all disappear into shadow. Asmodeus in the final seconds sees his forces have lost his troops and escapes. The cataclysm traps those that survive on the Shadow Realm.

At the edge of the Twilight, Lands is now a vast dark rift. It is black and profound. Beyond that, if you stare into the black, you can catch a glimpse of the newly fallen Shadow world.

Vilik awakens in the arms of Rhiannon; she heals his wounds and comforts his soul. The ogre cries into her bosom for three days. Rhiannon takes Vilik into the rift1 to seek Mysteria. They search the rift for two years, and Rhiannon returns alone saying nothing more.

With the war now over, the Gods make more attempts to find Mysteria, but they can find no trace of her. Rhiannon decides to watch over the realm and heal it, with Allyra’s help.

Asmodeus’s troops meet defeat. The Gods went to one of the entrances of the underworld, and Ellina says we must lock Asmodeus and his forces away so they can do no more harm. Dural agreed but said, “How.” Ahk reminded them that to lock them away would prevent them from abiding by the accord. They would not be able to influence those races they created. Dural said we must then build a gate that keeps them inside unless someone summons them directly and yet allows them to influence those on the worlds of the Tree of Life, but how? There are many mysterious ways from beneath the Sea of Glass. After much contemplation, Dural realizes the gates allow those below the ability to do as the accord permits, yet jailing them so they can keep their eyes on them, but portals enable influence to pass through when closed. The Gods place huge barriers over all the entrances. Now he must figure a way to get the forces of contempt to want to go beneath the Sea of Glass.

The Gods turn their thoughts to rebuilding; they see the total devastation done. The Gods come together and realize there is too much power in the hands of creatures and races that do not use them wisely. The Gods offer a choice to all the forces. Serve them in the Palace of Light, or the Gods can strip away all their Great Powers, and they can continue to live out their lives and die. However, this choice makes many distraught. Those that left to serve would not see their loved ones again, and those that stayed wanted to live in the Palace of Light, but not yet. Ahk sets forth a pact, with all those they create, that must clearly outline the agreement.


The Pact:


Rhiannon tells Ahk that the forces of Mysteria never used their powers to destroy and should not be subject to the pact. Ahk adds the fourth provision:

Any creature, not subject to the covenant must hide-a-way so those that seek to discover their powers are tested to show worthiness of such power. Moreover, those that do try to find such power shall have to go through events that temper the finder to use that power wisely. We shall call those from Mysteria’s realm the Fey, for they have indeed been set upon most terribly and receive special treatment. They live forever in protected seclusion from the rest of the races. Those that do not hide away have their immortality removed and be the last born of the Tree of Life; they shall become the elves.

Tylora takes charge of gathering up all the items of magic and power and hides them well. Tylora begins the collection of the great and powerful magic1. When she finds an object hidden and protected enough, she catalogs it within her Book of Treasures. Those that are not, she brings them back to hide and protect them. As Tylora gains followers, she quests her followers with this task also. 

All the races of the Gods agree to the compact, but Asmodeus and his host do not. The Gods look for a way to force their compliance, but the Gods can find no way around the dictates of the Great Accord. Andor meets Jha'dur in battle2.

The Gods take a brief respite. Dural wanders the sea of glass thinking. Ahk comes to him, and they talk. Dural suddenly grabs a weapon and attacks Ahk, barely missing, but splintering a significant root of the Tree of Life. Ahk defends himself, and in his riposte, Dural leaps into the attack. As Ahk withdraws his weapon, Dural falls to the Sea of Glass, his blood dripping through a nearby gate to the underworld. Asmodeus calls all of his forces to feast. They, in a frenzy of bloodlust, try to catch the blood of Dural. They all enter the gate to feast on his blood as it drips through the gate. Neriah, ever vigilant, comes and sees an opportunity to seal Asmodeus and his host forever. She takes her dagger and thrusts it into her heart. She cries out a Blood Curse. Her blood falls onto the splinters of the Tree of Life. The fragments become creatures tremendous and terrible. Neriah in her last breath commands these creatures to seal and guard all the gates to the underworld and let nothing out unless summoned. She disappears before she utters the final three words, (by the Gods).

Ahk immediately picks up Dural’s body and carries it to the Palace of Light with Allyra and Scyndar not far behind. The Crafter’s blood drips from his body. Each drop gives birth to mystical and divine creatures. As the creatures begin to fall toward the Sea of Glass, Allyra and Scyndar catch them and tosses them onto nearby worlds as they follow Ahk. By the time Ahk reaches Ellina in The Palace of Light all Ahk is holding is Dural’s robes. Dural is gone. Allyra arrives carrying a small platinum dragon. She tells Ellina this was the last creature created by the blood of Dural, his final creation. As the remaining Gods arrive, they say, “Look what has happened.” The Gods see in the space where the mystical creatures are born, they leave a pattern of their form, for all the worlds to see. The Gods look on in wonder; the loss of their two siblings creates designs in the sky.

Many worlds on the Tree of Life are nothing more than vast wastelands. You can see a few of these barren planets, floating in the heavens like shriveled leaves in winter, with the constellations nearby giving hope. These scared worlds are both large and small. There were now, more dead worlds than ones that can sustain life on the tree of life. The Gods decide to leave the scared worlds there, for all to see; a reminder of what destruction brings.

Rise of the Mortal Races

Asmodeus is always scheming, and now he sets about turning the hearts of the races born on the Tree of Life to do evil and ensures they take that evil with them when they die. After several years, a civil war erupts among the souls living in the Palace of Light. The Gods realize that many of the souls that now live among them are evil. Because of this, they cast out the evil from among their host.

The Gods agree Dara should go to the gates of the Underworld and Dara does so. Dara calls for Asmodeus. After a time, he appears, and she orders him to stop his antics. He laughs and tells her to come in and make him. She hesitates to look at the creature that Neriah has set to guard the gate, but she steps through the portal. Asmodeus is astonished and vanishes. Dara searches the underworld and finds him in a deep dark realm inside a vast palace of black stone and iron.

Dara walks into Asmodeus’ realm unopposed. She comes before his dark throne, and he pronounces her his consort. Dara laughs, “Did Lilith throw your scheming ass out?” Asmodeus dismisses her comment without a thought. He tells her that he wants the souls he has influenced. Dara says, “You did not create them, why should you get them?” He replies, “It is my work that has made them what they are and therefore by the Great Accord I have dominion over them?” Dara tells him to prove that it is his influence that most created who they are. Asmodeus says, “If you wish me to prove it I will, but the lesson is costly for you to learn!” Dara senses a scheme hatching and tells him “she will return with an answer.”

After Dara returns from her adventure in the underworld1, she tells of what she learned. The Gods believe that Asmodeus has all this time been influencing souls to do evil. The Gods do not wish to lose their souls so they must also influence them. Further, when Ahk finds a soul that has reached a certain level of corruption, it should be disposed of and given to Asmodeus and his servants in the underworld.

The Plan

Andor proposes that these souls should be reborn. For what if a soul is not worthy to live with us and is corrupt but not enough to cast out. Andor says that we must allow each creature to be reborn and try again. Ahk suggests that they attach a spirit to each soul to keep a running record of its deeds so that when the soul arrives to face judgment, it can make an accounting of its deeds. Scyndar says that we should give each soul a Life Force. This Life Force will provide all souls with a desire to seek out who they and search out the mysteries of the Gods. In this way, the Gods hedge their bet since they will create these creatures. In this way, they can allow Asmodeus and his minions to influence those he wishes, and thereby they adhere to the Great Accord. However, we can get our souls back if they listen to the whisperings of their soul. The Gods debate for months.

Ahk, Scyndar, and Andor talk a great deal about the rebirth of souls and precautions that the Gods must take that everyone has a chance to grow and become everything they have the potential to become. They debate, and Andor becomes angry. Tylora interrupts with a book written by Mysteria, and its instruction was to give this to Andor on this day. It offers some suggestions that each side makes concessions. Ahk agrees to rebirth if Andor agrees to let Ahk and only Ahk Judge each soul. However, Andor will govern the great wheel, and Ahk shall have no say in how it Andor uses the Great Wheel. Andor builds the Great Wheel so the souls may prepare for their rebirth into a new body. To allow a soul back on The Great Wheel, it must want to be reborn and be worthy.


The Great Wheel

The first spoke of the wheel purifies the soul for its rebirth; the spirit will contain all the history from before, including the need for any payment of a life debt, in the next life. The second spoke is where the soul, Life Force, and spirit choose the life they will be born to, this according to their life debt and the experiences they wish to have in this new life to help them on their path. The third spoke is where the waiting begins, as one generation must pass. Finally, on the fourth spoke, pointing toward the Tree of Life, the person’s soul, Life Force, and spirit are released to journey to their new body.

The Gods agree to the plan and present it to Asmodeus, who demands one more change, that those put on the Great Wheel should not have access to their past life memories, so their previous lives will not influence them one way or the other in this life. Asmodeus sees this as a chance to get a soul a second or third time. The Gods agree to this as well.

The Gods begin to repopulate the surviving worlds. The most notable they call Aviron, it has a variety of life, and it is well suited for their designs. The Gods focus their efforts here.


The birth of the Mortal Races

The Firstfruit to fall from the tree of life and rolls down the purple edge of a rainbow. It lands in the desert of Fizzbin Island, now called The Void. The Va-Kesh are born with purple tainted skin and gain a vision to see beyond the wishes of rainbows.

The next fruit falls and crashes into a mountainside and rolls down into wetlands; the Jotnar are born in the Groven Wetlands in Far West of the Fertile Lands.

The next fruit landed in the crater of an old volcano on an Island near Regnum Eon. As the fruit ripens, it falls into a dark cavern. Later the cavern collapses on the fruit. Those born from this spend years digging their way to freedom, but eventually, the dwarves emerge into a vast cavern in the Mammoth Mountains. They feel the freedom and fresh air of the huge cavern and set about building their home. As they expand their home they build in vast caverns. Thier being burried alive for so long, gives them a somewhat closterphobic feeling.

The next fruit came down while Dara was on one of her travels. She aimed with a rock to see if she could deflect its trajectory. When the rock hit the fruit, it burst the fruit and beings flew out in every direction. They landed in various locations all over the world. She asked Scyndar and Andor to help her fix the broken creatures. But after all, their work they were still damaged. The humans now have shorter lives and have wanderlust, much like Dara. The humans listened to Scyndar speak about tradition and family and listen to Dara talk about the road and that every rule can be better, every law has an exception. Andor teaches them of death since it will be on them soon and they will need to prepare. It was these first humans that saw Dara and Scyndar fall in love. Andor takes an interest in the humans, as they will live many lives before the other races start are reborn to start even their 2nd journey.

Glasya was able to taint the next fruit; using some of the secrets she from her time in the Palace of Light. This fruit lands in a remote marshland and the Colubrine are born.

Quitari is playing his great harp for Allyra while sitting on a branch of the Tree of Life. He plays a song that fills Allyra’s spirit with wonder. The vibrations from the harp loosen a fruit, and it falls to Aviron. The fruit lands on Dara’s head and then to the ground. Quitari and Allyra are laughing hysterically. In her anger, Dara kicks it away, and it falls in the bowl of a tree. Allyra makes a hasty exit1; she has no desire to face Dara’s anger. Those born of this fruit are the gnomes. They are short because they bounced off Dara’s head, and filled with the inspiration from Quitari’s harp. The woman they see as they emerge from the fruit is Dara. Gnomes say that every Gnome sees Dara’s face the day he or she is born, and this is why all gnome babies smile just after they are born. It is a sad omen for a gnome child to cry right after its birth.

A single golden fruit formed on the tree of life on a small branch that whips across the world of Aviron itself. This mixes its blood with the blood from the Tree of life. The fruit was a golden fruit and from it step the elves. Full of knowledge and wisdom the youngest and oldest race. Like their brethren the Fey they live in peace in their forest home. They name the forest The Blessed Forest, for they live in a place with no crime, no need to sleep and a place where they may learn and live their long lives.

Allyra watches over all the remaining fruit on the Tree of Life. She watches as they ripen and makes sure they are undisturbed until their time comes.

Lilith takes the fruit that she had stolen and places it in the forests near the elves and another in the underground realms near the Dwarves. The orcs are born and quickly become an irritant to the elves and the goblins are born to test the dwarves in their underground realms.