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Prillius Challidan History

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Mom, Lleona Kirvalle of Westcord is a human cleric for the church of AHK. She was born of noble birth but chose to support the common folk over taking on the nobility life. She did not agree with the ideologies they believed in so she left. She spent most of her life as a healer for the church. She did spend a year adventuring with my dad before I was born. She is a kind and gentle soul who would give you the shirt off of her back. She would help anyone who needed it especially those that were adventuring for the church.

Father, Maleek Grinber of Antarn is a human barbarian mercenary. Mom did not know too much of his background other than he never really had a place he called home. He just went where the money was at. He would fight for the side that paid the most. I don’t know too much about him because mom never talks about him. He left when I was born and has never been back since. There are rumors of course about his escapades but most of it indicates he is a real asshole. I guess the reason mom never talks about him is she fears that I will grow up to be just like him.

Mom’s life revolved around helping the church so she never really had a love in her life until my dad came along one day in need of healing. They hit it off right away. She asked the church if she could accompany my father for a short time and the church agreed to let her go. They spent about a year adventuring throughout Regnum Eon and Amaria. When mom got pregnant with me, the both of them started to drift apart. From what mom told me was that dad did not want to be tied down and he left. Mom is not sure what she saw in him at that time and chooses to just bury that part of her past.

Since then it has just been me and mom. She has taught me a lot about helping and healing others, to be kind to others even when you don’t really want to. She persuaded me to take up the path of a Paladin to preserve the light of goodness in the world and to keep at bay those that would bring injustice in to the world. I hope to make up for all my father’s bad deeds. May be one day I can confront him and find out why he did what he did to my mom.